About Time, Too

I’ve always enjoyed Taki Theodoracopulos’s pet online project, Taki’s Magazine.  I especially love the old Greek bastard’s own wicked articles, with all the name-dropping and gossip flavoring. Almost without exception too, the writers have been a type after my own heart: intelligent, educated, fearless and completely irreverent, they’re willing to tackle even the most fearsome of sacred cows.

Much less so were the morons who commented on the articles. Almost without exception, they were a bunch of ignorant assholes for whom no dire situation or event was not at least partially caused by the Jooos (especially, as Taki puts it, “(((the Rothschilds)))”) who are seated at the heart of the Great Jewish / Bilderberg / Katahdin /  Illuminati Conspiracy (or some bullshit like that).

So Taki finally got sick of all those commentators’ illiterate and malicious doggerel, and took out the Comments section. Now, if you want to make a comment, you have to send Taki’s Mag an email with your comment, and they’ll publish them later in the week IF they feel the comment is worthy. I suspect that only about 0.05% of the emails will ever see the light of day: good.

At last, I can wholeheartedly endorse Taki’s Magazine because it’s excellent. Even David Cole and Pat Buchanan don’t get up my nose that much anymore (mostly because I only read those of their posts which cover topics I’m interested in). Even if I don’t agree with the rest of the Taki’s Mag articles — or even just parts thereof — I read them anyway, because regardless of my opinion, they’re pretty compelling reading.

Hell, Joe Bob Briggs alone makes visiting the website a fine experience; but to be honest, you could say that about almost all the writers. And that’s something I cannot say about any other online (or even Dead Tree) publication.



  1. I was introduced to Taki’s a couple of years ago and have been a dedicated reader since then. It doesn’t hurt that they have the irreverent and always funny Jim Goad writing for them (I’ve been a reader of Goad since his “ANSWER ME!” magazines were sold through now-defunct Loompanics book store.)

    And yes, the comments section was a Jew-obsessed cesspool.

    It’s actually a little disturbing to think that there are apparently so many people out there who appear normal outwardly but who then sit in their dark basements flipping through their dog-eared copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and concoct frankly insane conspiracy theories.

    The comments section of Takis is proof that the two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

  2. Certainly the comments section is (was) a cesspools, but I do not let all of the articles off. Certainly some gems, but my goodness are they obsessed with race as a group. That includes Taki. Some of them the articles on race are worthwhile, but others seemed to be just angling for a racial aspect to everything. I am not sure it is worth the effort to slog through the crap in search of the diamonds.

  3. But, but the JOOOOOSSS!

    I get sick of seeing it too. Yes lots of Neo-cons are Jews, I don’t care.

  4. Why Taki, though? Why would the anti-Semites choose to flood Taki with their hate?
    And speaking of sacred cows, I am not afraid of them either. I don’t care what anyone says, the Jews as a group are statistically over represented in some truly loathsome shenanigans like the pedos and perverts of Hollywood, of the DNC and attacks on the second amendment. They’ve been expelled from every country they’ve set up shop in.
    If somebody could explain all that to me without calling me names and accusing me of thought crime – I’m all ears.

  5. Followed the Derb there when he was PNG’d by NRO. Now Derb has moved on to do his own thing which I’ve tracked down, he’s still being Derb, but go to Taki more then NRO, these days.

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