Not Bad For A Newbie

I’m so sick of people (mostly in the Comintern media) yammering about how The Donald hasn’t achieved anything during this, his first year as POTUS (or “God-Emperor”, as one of my favorite commentators puts it).

Allow me to quote Patrick J. Buchanan, surely the sourest of conservative commentators, on the topic:

The largest tax cuts in decades. Elevation of Neil Gorsuch to the Antonin Scalia seat on the Supreme Court. A record number of new [conservative, originalist – K.] U.S. appellate court judges approved by the Senate. The U.S. is out of the Paris climate accord and out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

NAFTA is being renegotiated. Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be open for drilling. The U.S. is at full employment, with minority unemployment near record lows. The stock market has consistently broken records, with the Dow having added 5,000 points. The Obamacare individual mandate tax is gone. Obama-era regulations have been cut and some eliminated.

Can’t add much to that, except for the inevitable:

Ol’ Pat forgot that one. All by itself, it’s a major Trump accomplishment.



  1. I would add that fulfilling some of his campaign promises like a man has exposed the bowtie-wearing backstabbing fink Vichy Republican GOPes* for what they are, like turning over a rotten log. It’s been a long time since we had a Republican in office actually fight the Left.


  2. Deregulation of Obam’s tons of EPA crap including use of lead bullets in certain areas. The beginning of cleaning out the nest of ultra-left employees throwing their weight around on private land use. Allowing the military to actually do their job of killing bad guys with reasonable rules of engagement instead of micro-management. Letting kids eat real food at school and as you say watching the Dems drown in their own tears.

    I would be happy to see another year of lefties paying more attention to Trump’s Tweeter than to his actual actions as he continues to undo the record number of regulations put in place during the reign of the Obamanation. Yes indeed, it is a Happy New Year.

    1. One point here is the most significant, and amazingly one of the most ignored. Under Trump the military has once again been permitted to actually do its job, with competent leadership and a hands-off approach from the White House. The results in cleaning up the last sixteen years of stupidity speak for themselves.

      Beyond that, the fact that quite a lot of his most shrill detractors are now begrudgingly admitting he’s out-Reaganing Reagan says all one needs to about his policies.

  3. I’m just hoping that 2017 will turn out to have been a warm-up for the main event.

    Inflicting the Law on the Democrats and their Propaganda Press accessories. Make Prisons Full Again!

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