Off The Beaten Track

Unless I have actual business to take care of there, I avoid large main streets like the plague. Notorious among the avoidees is London’s Oxford Street, which is a shitty thoroughfare full of tourists and other scum, all taking selfies and being fleeced by the stores selling the most awful tat (British for tchotchkes) while they try to persuade themselves they’re having a great time in the world’s best city.


My advice: turn off the rotten thing as soon as you can — as I did when I walked down Soho’s Wardour Street, which is a narrow lane full of interesting places…

…such as the Pickle & Toast, which specializes in cheese toasties (grilled cheese sandwiches, to my Murkin Readers):

Exhausted by having had to walk a block down Oxford Street, I badly needed a cup of tea so I went inside.

I ordered my cuppa, and then sat down to drink it and relax awhile — but the smell of sourdough toast was too wonderful, so I ordered a cheese toastie. This was also because the place does not use just any old cheese, no sirree. This is the stuff they use:

It’s Quicke’s Cheddar, from Devon; and the sandwich looks like this:

Good grief. I could have eaten three, and the rest of the menu looked just as tasty — and they serve breakfast too, but I got there just too late. To say that this beats a Big Mac on Oxford Street is to utter the understatement of the century.

And just so we’re all clear on the concept: I could have eaten at about a dozen different places along Wardour Street, and I probably would have had just as good a time and just as good a meal. Now you know.

Delenda est Via Oxonium.


    1. You’re quite right. THIS is what happens when you don’t use a language for 35 years: you forget it.

  1. Just the pix of that “toastie” makes me want to rush to the kitchen, grab some fixin’s and go to town.
    And the pickles… that an entire Kosher Dill sliced up?

  2. There’s a webcomic I read done by a guy from England (Jack Cayless) that has claimed that the “grilly cheese” is mankind’s greatest invention. He may have had this one in mind…

  3. Buy one for me, Kim!

    Put it in pour luggage and I’ll come down to pick it up next month! 😉

    I haven’t had tea in a hundred years. You should do more foodie stuff on your blog.

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