Excessive Baggage

I very seldom look at anything regarding members of the Kardashian coven, but the other day this particular pic caught my eye:

…and my immediate thought was: good grief, she’s got a fat ass. If she and that Lopez woman are responsible for women today going for butt imp[lants, she has a lot to answer for.

Only later did I notice the horrendous dye job. I will grant that as a brunette, this woman has a reasonably-pretty face (if you’re into that look). But as a blonde, she somehow manages to make herself even more trashy than she normally appears.

No man should. Ugh.


  1. You shouldn’t wear tight clothes if you’re heavy. She looks downright ugly in these clothes. With all the money she’s supposed to have, she could look nicer. Better haircut, more flattering clothes. You can only get away with that style when you are young–teens and twenties.

  2. I’ve always found Kim K. to be a very attractive woman, but then again I like curvy women. One day while flipping channels I happened across her show and saw her doing jumping-jacks, the effect was….mesmerizing.

    But yeah, the blond hair doesn’t do it. Plus, she’s a train wreck.

  3. Sorry, but trash is trash. She saw the path to money selling her body and hanging with ghetto criminal thugs. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. She and the other females ( wont even dignify by calling her a lady) of this generation have done permanent damage to the role of women in western society.

  4. I’m a bit blessed in the rear area, though not quite freakishly so as KK. I don’t have a “shelf booty” but it is noticeable. I’ve never liked it, and now that I’m too old to matter, finally my butt becomes stylish! Just my luck. Hers seems to be mostly fat, and if rumors are true, silicone as well. Mine is muscle. I’m no go grrl! bodybuilder but I am strong and capable. My legs and glutes are assets to my lifestyle, and I can’t help it that no one likes it so I dress it the best I can and carry on.

    I’m no fashionista and, while aware of popular culture, I don’t pay it much mind. She’s ridiculous to say the least, but so is anyone who thinks this dung is important, life-altering, worship-worthy material. Sex sells and shock has value, but only for a very little while. A very little while.

  5. She’s middle-aged Armenian mother who has had some much cosmetic surgery she looks like a cartoon.

  6. I’ve never understood the attraction financially successful negros have for hideous white women. A lot of it can be blamed on ghetto bad taste and the desire to shock “the man”, but that can’t explain all of it.

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