1. Sometimes the situation is so fucked up that all you can do is pack it in and leave. And, ultimately, it’s not going to end well for those who drove out the farmers — starvation is the end result.

  2. A repeat of Rhodesia.
    The worst point in any society that has suppressed another segment of its society is that moment when the suppression stops. The lid is removed and the built-up pressure is released. The releasing the lid and the transfer of power in SA (and Rhodesia, Angola, etc.) was done in such a manner that there was little to no chance that the pressure could be released slowly and perhaps directed to less violent ends. I believe on your old site you told the story of the day you realized that after buying a newspaper from a young black boy, standing poorly shod and clothed, in the cold, that “they will never forgive us.” The change in SA was so swift, there was never a chance for any forgiveness or even the chance to discuss it.

  3. They’ll murder the only productive people in their country, chop down the orchards for firewood, barbecue the dairy cows, then come to us holding out the begging bowl. I wish I knew for a fact that we would tell them “No!”

  4. Had a friend whose family left South Africa around 1980. His parents were the most polite and low-key people you can imagine.

    People would approach him in college and want to talk how they were so brave to leave to get away from apartheid. He would decline to engage and escape those conversations asap. It wasn’t until decades later that I realized they were just smart – like the Jews who fled Germany in the early 30’s.

  5. Back to the Stone Age when all civilization is finally erased. I heard all this predicted in 1986 when I had dinner with the RSA ambassador to Norway. The Western Cape will hold out for a while but everyone I know there is looking for a way out.

  6. While I doubt it will happen, it would be interesting to see the reactions were any U.S. state to encourage immigration of white South Africans to the U.S.

    1. Our host had an interesting reception when he insisted on ID’ing himself as an “African-American” when filling out a gov’t form after becoming Naturalized.
      LMAO when I first read it.

  7. SA had developed the bomb and even tested one with Israeli help back in the last century. The plan was for the whites to retreat into an enclave and defend it at all cost. Under pressure they stupidly gave it up and dismantled their capability. They are paying the price now.

  8. Something to ponder. Consider Denmark. Imagine they continue down their current path of importing Muslims wholesale, and wind up under Shahira law. And with Shahira law, the Danes get the usual rapes, honor killings, murders, and the rest of the benefits that comes with modern Islamic rule.

    We would be appalled, and yet, we would also understand that the Danes had brought this on themselves. What did they expect when they imported a hostile population with no interest in assimilation?

    Likewise the many nations that have wholeheartedly embraced the tenants of Marxism, then wind up with the usual police state, gulags, mass graves, and mass death. We are appalled by the atrocities, but then again, what did they expect?

    The tone of the article linked is very much rooted in the Leftist Victim Culture- the idea that because bad things are happening to one, one should be automatically exempt from any and all criticism of one’s actions. Sorry, but no. As those of old have said, “Karma is a bitch”, and “The Gods of the Copybook Headings will with blood and slaughter return.”

    And absolutely yes it sucks that the post apartheid generation is getting slaughtered for the sins of their ancestors, and yes, they don’t deserve it. Neither did the children incinerated in Dresden, Tokyo, or Hiroshima. Neither does a child raped by her mom’s third live-in boyfriend. Or the kid paralyzed for life because daddy was driving drunk and got into an accident.

    Probably the only thing one could do was, and is to leave the place all together.

  9. It seems that the response to ANC inspired violence in SA is the same as when you find an “endangered species” on your land in the USA:
    The Three “S” Solution – Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up!

    19-years in prison for “intimidating a burglar” proves how SA has gone mad.

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