And lo did The Weary Traveler arrive in the Scepter’d Isle, whereupon the fiend Mr. Free Market did take him straight unto a drinking place called The Something Or Other, and did ply this jette-lagged scribe with full many a pint of ale:

…and in vain did your Humble Narrator protest that this was too much, and that he would pay for this loathsome excess in the morn; but his protests avail’d him nought, for his so-called friend simply prevailed upon the publican to bring yet more of the same to the counter, and from good manners did he imbibe all that was put in front of him, yeah until foul drunkennesse did descend upon his poor brayne.

And all that The Weary Traveler could later recall was loud laughter, good tymes, fysshe & chippes, and perhaps pinching the bottom of Mrs. Free Market, for which he hopes she will forgive him. Or maybe ’twas the bottom of Mr. Free Market — the memory be vague ‘pon this point — in which case he got what he deserved, the bugger.


  1. It’s been well over 40 years since I’ve been “over there” but I still remember more than a few pints of Guinness of an evening. I was a lot more immune to the aftereffects back then.

  2. I pretty much only drink German beer (occasionally Dutch, Czech or whatnot but same beer making tradition). I have the same taste in beer as my father, as I grew up drinking his beer (it is good to have a German father in that regard.)

    I once asked him why he never bought English beer, his answer “because it is all piss.” True wisdom there.

  3. I spent a summer touring the entire country. I fondly, sort-of have hazy recollections of a pub called, I kid you not, The Burleigh Armes. I also remember a curvy redhead named Nancy. Good tymes, indeed!

  4. I think all pubs are named some hinges like “The Mangled Metaphor” or some such. I loved all the local bitters that I tried when I was over there. If you haven’t already, you should try “Old Peculiar.” I believe it is bottle only, but worth it.

  5. That does indeed look like a good start to the visit!

    I have fond memories of being introduced to Payne’s 41 in St. Neots back in ’81 at the Chequers. Sadly, I can’t drink beer anymore (allergic to wheat, damn it!) and that brewery doesn’t seem to be around anymore either. 🙁 . At the time it wasn’t bottled, and the Cambridge bell ringers came up with us, partly to ring in St. Neots, but mostly for the Payne’s, Cambridge being outside their delivery area.

  6. I’m glad to see you’ve got off to a good start. Have you yet been introduced to port?

  7. It’s a bit late notice, but Bovington Tank Fest is this weekend. More importantly, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is next weekend. Although, you’re there long enough to attend the Goodwood Revival in early September. I think you would prefer it as they prefer if guests dress in period clothing, and that would seem to be more up your alley.

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