Despair And Rage

After the bombing at the concert in Manchester, Katie Hopkins wrote a despairing article about carrying on:

After the Westminster terror attack on March 26 I said we were cowed. That we were like ants, carrying on as normal, waiting for the next footstep to fall.
And today I see this to be true. Ants, squashed by a car, hewn in half by a truck, bounced off the bonnet of a 4×4, punctured by ballbearings and shrapnel from a hardware store.
And the only thing we ants can do is act busy. Whip ourselves up into a frenzy of activity. Move this way and that. Scurry about carrying things. Film ourselves walking to work. Make posters about ‘having a cup of tea’, get cross about what is said on twitter.

The terrorists want us dead. They want the infidel to be slaughtered. And they spread their message most effectively by targeting our children, our little girls.
Try and deny you don’t feel a change in the mood of our country. Try and deny you don’t feel we are a little bit less.
Tell me you don’t feel like you’ve taken a battering, made it to the twelfth then someone punched you square in the stomach, drawing the air from you in one long ooof.

When the only option is to carry on as normal, what the hell else are we going to do?
Carrying on as normal is not defiance. Or strength. It is the default.
When someone dies in our family, we carry on as before because the alternative is to lie down under our duvet and hope the world goes away.
And sometimes we even try that for a bit, too.
But in the end, reluctantly, we default and carry on as normal. This does not make us strong. Or united. It makes us desperate to feel better.
This country is sick. It is calling out for a doctor. We need to know what will cure us. What action do we take? What do we do? How can we stop the hurt?

I can suggest a few actions, Katie, but you’re not going to like them because they’re difficult and harsh.

Outlaw the Muslim religion in Britain. Close the mosques, then tear them and the minarets down. Deport the known radicals — start with the imams, even the “moderate” ones — and go from there. Reestablish Christianity as the official State religion. Start persecuting the remaining Muslims: make it difficult for Muslims to hold State jobs — start with the Muslim members of Parliament by mandating that no Muslim can hold elected office (like you used to do with Catholics, by the way), then spread that ban out to any State job, national or local. Close their bank accounts, stop all welfare payments and withdraw council housing privileges. Confiscate their real estate properties out from under them if they refuse to leave Britain. Outlaw halaal establishments. Make it more difficult for Muslims to stay in Britain than to leave. Confiscate their British passports, revoke their citizenship and make them “stateless”. Reverse the “refugee” flow back into the other direction by giving all Muslims thirty days to leave the country — and make sure they can only go on to Muslim countries, because we sure as shit don’t want more of them over here, and I’ll bet most of Europe doesn’t want them either.

In case you’re wondering why I’m suggesting something so brutal, and where I’m getting all these ideas, the answer’s simple: it’s what the Arab Muslim nations have been doing for over sixty years to the Jews (and in some cases to Christians too) living in their countries.

Yeah, they’re going to hate you. Stop being pussies about it.  They hate you already. Try hating them back, in greater measure. If the incidence of terrorism increases, speed up the deportations, imprison them until it’s their time to go — hell, the British invented the concept of “concentration camps” in 1900 in South Africa, remember? — and if they start screaming about legal protections, change the laws.

And if you don’t have the national will (what we Septics call “balls”) to do all that, then give up, submit to the will of Islam and lick the hands of the religious police of Islam who beat you in the streets for wearing short skirts or eating pork pies, because that’s all you deserve.

Yeah, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt your economy, your famed sense of decency and even your fabric of nationhood. Sometimes, when you fight fire with fire, everyone gets a little burnt. That’s still much better than being the only one who does. And right now, your children are the only ones getting burnt by the fire of Islam. Do nothing, and all this — 10/10, Manchester, and the many atrocities to come — will never end.

Yes, this is horrible. But remember: you didn’t cause this, or start it; they did. You just need the resolve to finish it.

Update: Yes, you may consider this a “backlash“. The first of many.


  1. I’m thinking the same thing for us here in the states, too. First declare war – against islam/terrorist/whatever – then declare martial law. Then basically do all the above.

    Plus the a-hole who did the latest was known to authorities. So once martial law is declared, round up everyone on that list. Non-citizens go in one group. Shoot every tenth one in the head, put the rest on a barge and ship it overseas.

    The other group, citizens – make them watch. Then they have a choice, renounce citizenship and leave or stay here on permanent probation. There can be a delayed court procedure to challenge that after several years just in case anyone’s on the list that don’t need to be.

    Boom. Done.

  2. I’ve known a few Muslims who were fine people, and whom I liked very much. The problem is that they remain silent when the radicals do things in the name of Islam.

    I think it’s time they took a page from what the American Roman Catholic church membership did amidst the pedophile priest scandal. (In actuality the issue wasn’t that there were pedophile priests, it’s that they weren’t punished for their behavior but rather shuffled around to new places with new children to prey on). The church laity, who provide most of the membership and ALL of the money, said in effect “Fix this, or we’ll take our children and our money elsewhere”.

    So my advice to the moderate Muslim membership: Take charge. If your Iman preaches jihad, take your self, your family, and your money elsewhere. If you know of terrorist activity in your community turn them in instead of turning a blind eye. And if you fail to do so, don’t bellyache when we drop a bomb on your mosque. You hang out with radicals you end up being treated like one. You’re hard to tell apart.

    In short, get out the broom and clean your house, otherwise we’ll have to get out the bulldozer and clean it for you. Which will be hard on the china.

    I saw a t-shirt not long ago said read “For what I love, I will do horrible things.”

    1. As for defense, we need a layered posture. The purpose of the military is offense. They should never be deployed in the streets, at least our streets. And no nation building either. Their function is to kill people and break things and keep doing it until our enemies quit fighting, kinda like the Germans and Japanese in WWII. The best thing about that is that when it was over, they knew they had been beaten. As opposed, say, to Iraq. The military should also be charged with the intelligence mission. This is war, not law enforcement so leaving intelligence to the national police will result in the wrong focus. The purpose of the national police is to protect national high value targets and provide reinforcement for local police when a situation is too large. The local police protect targets of local importance and respond to incidents as they arise. And at the base of the pyramid are armed citizens-the militia. Barring an attack on a police station, they are always going to be the first responders so they need to be empowered. This means abolishing restrictions including but not limited to gun-free zones. It also means providing free and appropriate voluntary training. In this way we can take steps to protect ourselves while our military takes the fight to the enemy.

  3. “Septics”? should that be Skeptics?

    As to Muslims, I have lived with them and they will all try to convince you that you are wrong and the only true religion is Islam. Of Course if you convert you are a 5th class citizen in their culture.

    Another caveat is that all Imams are direct descendants of Muhammad. As such they cannot be questioned by the laity, to the pain of death if you do question them.

    My pastor maintains God loves each and every one of us, even them. But I am of the opinion we need to give them a more personal relationship with God.

    start at Mecca and that moon rock. go from there.

    1. “Septics is short for “Septic Tanks”, which in turn is Brit slang for “Yanks”.

      1. Ah, my bad then. I was unaware of that tidbit of English lore. Not sure I like it any better though. 🙂

    2. “Another caveat is that all Imams are direct descendants of Muhammad. As such they cannot be questioned by the laity, to the pain of death if you do question them.”

      Translation: It’s past time for Islam to have a Reformation.

  4. I’ve worked with a number of muslims for over 20 years.
    They came here in their 20’s and are effectively assimilated into our culture.
    I have eaten with them and watched their children be born and grow older.
    If not “family”, I consider them friends.

    That said, I do not trust ANY of them in regards to their religion.
    At each atrocity that is committed in their gods name, they remain silent or extoll how it is “someone else”s fault that this has happened (ie: the perpetrator was forced into it because of the Wests or “the Jews” transgressions against Islam.).
    I watched two of them laugh uproariously at a video of a building collapse in Israel a few years ago, where a Jewish wedding was taking place. More than 20 people were crushed to death, including half a dozen children. They found it hilarious.

    Nothing is the muslims fault.
    Their behaviours are the result of everyone elses “oppression” against them.
    The most you may get out of them as far as sympathy is that “Yes, it is a tragedy, but what can you expect…”.
    Keep in mind…these are the individuals that I can say are “friendly”.
    I am sure, at least in my experience, that, if they were given the power and authority that their religion extolls, I would be just another infidel, or dhimmi at best.
    I care for these individuals, but I DO NOT TRUST THEM.
    There is no middle ground with this ideology.

    1. Agree, this is the root of the problem. Ive worked there also. Their teachings specifically exclude all others from any compassion or status as a human being. Not of the faith, then you are as a dog. It states submit or die, its that simple. It has always been the religion conquest and death. The crusades didn’t happen for no reason but hundreds of years of invasion. People forget they were at the gates of Vienna…

      The next problem is the leftist press, political class, and apologists that don’t believe the above, even when told it is true by Islamic scholars. Their denial is suicidal if not criminal in that you cant fight what you refuse to understand. Religion of peace my ass..

  5. Won’t happen. England has been lost for too long to make hard choices of any kind. Things there are going to slowly get worse, and worse, and worse, until the few hundred thousand or so remaining Brit Patriots who could be bothered to do anything about it are going to dust off ye ‘ol IRA trianing manual, and it’s going to hit the fan.

    Hence, if you’ve not yet visted England, and care to, I’d do it sooner rather than later.

    1. One month from today, at this very hour, I plan to be in some Wiltshire pub with Mr. Free Market and/or The Englishman, on or about my third pint of Wadworth 6X ale.

      1. Sigh. Such a shame. I really like England (Wadworth 6X very much included). I do hope that when the inevitable happens, there are enough Propper Limeys left to open up a can of royal ass-stomp on the rabble.

  6. Careful Kim, if the reaction to Katie’s writing, and TV appearances, are any indication, you may have difficulty getting into the UK for your trip.
    You are aware that complaints were made about her “Islamophobia”, and “authorities” are investigating?
    BTW, she’s a regular on TuckerCarlsonTonight on FNC…Tucker loves her for her non-PC take on what is going on in the UK/Europe/etc.

  7. Would I raise arms against any faction? If they threatened my life, family and home (land), yes, I would. Without hesitation or reservation and with as much accuracy as I could. Kim knows our thoughts on UK gun law. As it stands, we do not have the constitutional right to ‘bear arms’ as you do – would that we did, we’d be first in the queue.. Instead, we will continue to travel (there are armed Police at our train station today – they should be armed every day) to work (in a Large public venue in my case), go to games at Chelsea and Wembley (as we will on Monday) and our kids will continue to visit London and go to big public exhibitions (as they are this weekend) and we will NOT be cowed. For now, this is all I can do. But I do it the best I can, as a True Brit.

    1. And I shall be seeing YOU and yer Mrs in the very near future. It’s about time…

      1. Ah yes, but then, it WAS the Mrs.talking! Afterall, the female is deadlier than the male. See you soon, s pie and pint awaits.

  8. The Islamic plan repeats itself. First claim victim status while saying you’re the religion of peace. Then start demanding special Islamic zones and Sharia courts. Then start taking over the existing governmental structure, like the mayor of Londonistan is doing.
    The problem with Islam is that it creates social and political instability wherever it is introduced. It results in economic poverty, social and theological repression, and political tyranny. In fact, because of the instability, political tyranny is the only political system that can deal with Islam. And any religion or society that incorporates polygamy, like Islam does, is inherently unstable because there are many young men with no prospects. What do you do with all those young, horny, aggressive men? Send them out to kill, conquer and enslave, of course!
    The mistake that Westerners make is assuming that Islam has a similar moral foundation to Judeo-Christianity. Not so. Islam does not believe in the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, Mohammed turned many of the Ten Commandments and Jesus’s commands around, turning love your enemy into kill the enemy/infidel, and lying to the infidel is not only allowed but sanctioned.
    I fear for Europe and for our country. At least we have, for the moment, the means to fight back. Our biggest problem is that the MSM and the Evil Party treat Islam as a protect minority, immune from any criticism.
    It’s time to fight the good fight, boys.

  9. Honestly, I’d take it a step further. I would add to the deport list anyone who claims they should be allowed to stay, anyone who “stands in solidarity with innocent, peaceful muslims”. They would, of course, be given a chance to recant, or given a temporary deport order, say, 6 months to the Izzy country of choice, or one that would accept them. Then, at the end of the 6 months, they would be given the opportunity to return, if they wished, or if they were still alive.

  10. While I agree with what you are saying I do have one question for you.

    For eternity the power to broadcast a declaration of war was the under the strict purview of the political elites be they born into that position, or stole it, or were duly elected. However, this war declared against the non-Muslim world is by a multitude of Muslim leaders in the name of the Muslim religion which is not in anyway a modern form of government. They do this with some of the most powerful weapons against the most defenseless of victims. The fact remains they are a population of people held together with the sovereignty of an omnipotent ideology in a nation that is borderless. They seem to have very effective diplomatic wing to shame the critics and army with it’s version of special forces to inflict damage on the “evil” inhabitants who live next door. They also seem to have an unbelievably effective strategic capability to place their opponents on a defensive apologetic footing. They kill us and we apologize to them for the murder. The real question here is when does a religion cease to be a religion and act like and in fact, become, an empire of evil. This was not a decision made by government, it is the sole decision of the individuals who are, were, will be the next to support the murder of innocence in the name of national sovereignty.

    I would only hope that we, as the residence of the non-Muslim free world, consider the possibility to form our own nation without borders? That is, do we have the free will to declare our own war against an aggressor who appears to be given cart blanc to achieve the height of violence? Can we become a nation founded on the God given right of self defense and the protection of the ones we love? We are told by the political elites that any gesture of self defense is a hate crime in and of itself against the “poor Muslim community”. Of course this is stated from the protective bubble that the elites live in while the average man/woman/child pay the price. I suppose ever war has their collaborators. But, the question still remains;

    How much death and debauchery of the innocent must the non-Muslim population endure before we find our collective voice and begin to fight back with real force AND DECLARE WAR on Islam.

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