1. “One in five Muslims never enter a non-Muslim house.”

    As if they would be welcome.

    However, one notices that precisely none of them are too proud to bail out of the fly-blown toilet of their birth and sign up to live off the public teat offered by civilized countries.

  2. There was a,time, once, when a large number of moderate Mulims existed. There were extreemists also – Islam generates them as naturally as Liberalism generates insufferable snobs – but they were not a dominating force.

    Then the West spent decades appeasing (rewarding) the fanatics while punishing the moderates for not being enlightened ENOUGH. Moderate Muslim heads of State were reviled for being fairly enlightened 19th (or VERY enlightend 18th) Century depots, and the fanatics were rewarded for being 13th century thugs.

    And so, in the end, we are going to be forced to turn the entire Arabian Peninsula into a sheet of faintly glowing glass.

    1. I’m sure it will be quite beautiful. Plus, sustainable and non-carbon-producing. Win-win-win!

  3. Wives should always obey their husbands?

    Aha ha ha ha ha HA HAH cough cough hack wheeze

    Yeah, and they say it’s a religion of peace too. Right.

  4. I would suggest the word “admitted” is missing from statistics like these, which have also been gathered in the US.

    I have had unfortunate experiences relating to a “moderate” Muslim (didn’t even go to mosque – something that was used in arguments to defend him) who was clearly grooming someone I knew for conversion. Things came to an interesting head when the target of this grooming finally read the Koran I gave her (Abu Duwad translation). Forced to defend its contents the moderateness of what he really believed was drawn out: beating women, killing Jews, and such.

    The target I should point out had lived with this guy for about a year and half without suspecting a thing, or pretending not to notice any signs of the truth.

    Wolves prey on sheep.

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