Electoral Maps

Remember this?

(Yeah, I know:  good times, good times…)

How about this, from the recent European Parliament elections:

For those unfamiliar with the parties, the “National Rally” is the “ultra-right” political party of Marine Le Pen.

France’s electoral map very much resembles that of a typical U.S. state, where the major metro center is irredeemably Socialist and the rest mostly conservative.  Here’s Illinois, for example, also from 2016:

Going back to France for a moment:  I’d feel a great deal better if that was the map for the French national election (as opposed to the EU one), and who knows?  it may actually turn out that way, as ordinary Frogs seem to be tiring of their government’s laissez-faire  [sic] attitude towards unregulated immigration and the concomitant lawlessness and social alienation that has ensued.  (Ring any bells, Over Here?  It fucking well should.)

Let’s hope that this is a foretaste of what’s to come, in both countries.


  1. And the blue counties outside of Chicagoland are the Illinois portion of “the Quad Cities,” the St. Louis suburbs, the University of Illinois, Bradley University, and Southern Illinois University. I’m actually surprised that Illinois State isn’t blue also, though it’s still quite a bit lighter than most of the rural places.

    Still demonstrates that the universities are pretty hopelessly compromised.

    1. Also a surprise is that Springfield is merely light red, but since so many of the state govt functions have been outsourced to Chicago anyway . . .

  2. Yet again the GOP is playing catchup. The electronic voting machines are crooked and need to be deep sixed yesterday. Paper ballots that can be audited is the right way to go and demand real voter ID where the intended voter has been verified to be a resident of the town they are voting in and that they are at the right polling place.

  3. Any place with a University is pretty much a deep blue shithole. Its why “Public” education needs to end, at least past 12th grade. The incestuous relationship between state funded institutions and statism is plain for all to see.

    Sadly I remember when NH still abided by its “Live Free or Die” motto, VA wasn’t dominated by areas trying to parasite off .gov pillage, and AZ was mostly Cowboys. Its also why the .gov is trying to house migrants/refugee’s in small towns in red states. Its a naked attempt to change the voting patterns.

    The worst state though is VT. The state that produced Calvin Coolidge PBUH, has turned into a haven for armpit haired, yoga teachers (some of them male).

    1. In the time I spent in VT it’s a weird mix of burnt out hippies and cantankerous New Englanders. Unfortunately the burnt out hippies raised more red diaper babies and turned the place into a shit hole. Bernie Sanders is a prime example of the idiots they elect.

  4. You should look at the projected electoral map of the UK. The Tories are in meltdown. They’ve really blown it and Labour are expected to win a huge majority. If trends continue it’s just possible we might end up with the Liberal Democrats as the official Opposition. I rather doubt Labour’s competence but we know the Tories’ incompetence.

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