3 Modern Affectations

…that make me want to go out into the street and slap random people in the face, just on the off-chance that they support this bullshit.

  • Gender reveal parties:  apart from maybe the grandparents, who the fucking fuck cares about someone else’s unborn baby’s gender?
  • “Hate speech”:  it was fucking iniquitous before it started becoming ingrained into law;  now it’s getting to be really toxic, as a tool for censorship and career destruction.
  • “Net Zero 2030”:  or, how to utterly ruin the global economy with quasi-religious fervor.

Feel free to add your particular contemporary triggers (another fucking burr expression in my shorts)  in Comments.


  1. Meanwhile back in Germany the economy is expected to shrink this year for the first time ever or since I was born anyway which is the same thing… the causes being

    1. The highest energy prices in Europe and that’s saying something
    2. Immigrant overload
    3. Billions in aid to fight Putin who is a total asshole but so is Zelensky so why don’t we all stand over here in the corner with our beers and watch the two Vlads fight it out between themselves.

    It’s tickling my chin.

  2. ” Gender reveal parties.” ??? — Hold on, I thought these people believe that Gender is assigned by some unknown person or maybe a government agency — they never are actually clear about who does this ” assigning ” – and don’t young people get to decide at some point for themselves which of the 47 genders they want to belong to. How dare the parents and their quack doctor decide for the child before they are even born.

    But at least the videos of these parties are fun to watch when it all goes sideways and they hold those fireworks’ upside down.

  3. I’m pretty much sick of everything and DGAF about anything. Except what goes on in my own little manufactured sphere.

  4. Whenever someone (MALE) is missing for several weeks at work, I ask “where’s so&so”, and get told “oh, he’s on maternity leave, his wife had a baby”.

    WTF? I took 2 vacation days and then right back to work. Wife had the baby in the evening and cooked breakfast the next morning. OMG we were tough back then. Now men get untold weeks of maternity leave just cause their wife had the baby. And still expect to have all their vacation too. Hell, I remember being told to use vacation for sick days. Fuck is wrong with people.

    And really, shouldn’t it be called PATERNITY leave instead? But damn.

    1. But men can give birth, so there’s that element of ambiguity there, even though it was the Ciswoman/wife who developed the big belly and went to the Ob/Gyn regularly for blood tests and predictions as to when the baby (never a fetus, it hasn’t been unpersoned) is expected to be due.

  5. The word “Re-Imagined”

    Which almost always means:
    1. We found someone doing what we want to do better and we’re gonna ape them, or
    2. We don’t know what we’re doing, so we’re going to utterly screw up something that works now because we think we know better.

  6. Corporate speak. Its a bunch of words with no real meaning. We had some dude laid off from GE come join the hospital I worked at. I saw him speak at a couple of meetings and heard nothing but utter gibberish just like Fetterman or Pedo Joe. He just rambled on. I’m sure he was paid a high salary to contribute nothing and waste people’s time.


  7. Pronouns, in the “what are your pronouns?” sense that the mouthbreathers of the left can seemingly no longer figure out by looking.

    1. I’ve never been asked “what are your pronouns.” I swear, I will tell whoever asks, that my pronoun is “His Excellency”.

  8. The words “diverse,” “sustainable,” “commonsense” (all one word version) and “affordable” in the middle of anything makes my skin crawl, starts the RCOB, and I quickly glance around to see where I left my baseball bat before I go blind with rage.

  9. On Captol Hill: “comprehensive”, “omnibus” & “reform”. Comprehensive and omnibus mean the same thing in a bill; a bill so large that it rivals or exceeds a Stephen King novel in length, and is as unreadable as any political or artisitic manifesto. Reform means the opposite of what everyone else thinks the word means. Reform as politicians define it means we’re gonna screw up those laws even worse than they were when we started.

    1. “Reform” = Change just for the sake of change so corporations and rich people will pay an arm and a leg just to get an advance look at the changes, and have access to suggest changes to the changes.

  10. “Stakeholders” – I always thought these were the guys who supplied the ammunition at the vampire killing parties or the ones who provided raw materials to the grill master

  11. “Gender reveal parties: ”

    Half the problem we have with the “trans-gender” movement is that PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE GENDER. THEY HAVE SEX.

    It is not a “Gender Reveal Party”, it is a “Sex Reveal Party”. But because sex has two meanings–that being the genitals of the person in question, and the act of using those genitals, “we” get all squirmy about using that term in “polite” society, so we use “gender” instead.

    Roles have gender, words MIGHT have gender, depending on your language, but PEOPLE HAVE SEX.

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