Roost, Chickens Coming Home To

Well, well, well.  Here’s the macro event:

Hours after murder charges against a former Philadelphia police officer were dropped on Tuesday, large groups, mostly made up of teenagers, looted multiple stores in the city. 

Police started receiving calls around 8 p.m. Tuesday night about a large crowd moving into Center City, the main dining and shopping scene in downtown Philadelphia, NBC 10 reported. The crowd eventually turned riotous, ransacking a Foot Locker, Lulumelon, and an Apple store, among other businesses, before at least 20 were arrested. 

Note that Philly has one of those “Soros-style” prosecutors who distinguish themselves by not prosecuting anyone for crimes like this.  There’s also evidence that, far from being “spontaneous”, the raids are being coordinated and targets established via social media — almost the very definition of organized crime.

And speaking of targets, here’s a micro event:

Target is closing nine stores in major cities across four states, claiming theft and organized retail crime have made the environment unsafe for staff and customers – and unsustainable for business.

The big box chain is part of a wave of retailers – both large and small – that say they’re struggling to contain store crimes that have hurt their bottom lines. Many have closed stores or made changes to merchandise and layouts.

…which is likely to cause an epidemic of Schadenböners among conservatives because the Minneapolis retailer is easily one of the wokest corporations in the world.

The only good thing about the Philly situation, by the way, is that unlike the Portland OR police, some Philly cops are getting into the spirit of the thing.

Try to contain your guffaws of delight.  I couldn’t.


  1. I am reminded by these crimes against stores that the late gun writer and NYPD cop Jum Cirillo made his bones shooting multiple cretins who practiced said lifestyle. The NYPD stakeout squad simply hid in the store and waited for the BG to show up….boom boom. Pistols, shotguns even M1 carbines applied.

  2. In 5 to 10 years the big cities will be where sensible people go to practice shooting guns, and hunting. Like what many people do when they go to Montana or Alaska, or Africa.

    Imagine having a captured bust of a large detroit-african bull buck or sow buck mounted above the fireplace right above the grandpappy’s 19th century large caliber lever gun.

  3. I heard Philly’s odious DA speak at last year’s Federalist Society’s Annual Lawyers Convention in DC

    His position is that some part of his oath of office (something seemingly benign like “be fair and do good) as giving him the latitude to do whatever he wants (like not prosecute black criminals), the laws be damned

    He’s an unmitigated sophist

  4. Hmmmm, I think that someone should invent the “Taser Gatling Gun”. Real gatling guns use too much ammo. That stuff ain’t cheap, ya know?

  5. All those shoppers who scored a New I-phone, IPad, Laptop etc are in for a surprise when they get home. When a display version is disconnected from the stores Wi-Fi network, It goes into a special mode and displays the following message.

    ” This Item has been disabled and is being tracked. The authorities have been notified and your location has been shared with them.”

    They didn’t add that you can return the item at your arraignment — but they should have.

    If they managed to get into the Cage at the back and relieve the store of it’s inventory, Apple knows which ones those are as well and prevents any activation of thoose units. Now you know why Apple doesn’t bother with check out lanes at thier stores.

    1. one of my wife’s coworkers had their computer stolen. It was tracked to an address and the local PD wouldn’t get a warrant for it to retrieve the stolen property because the police said the neighborhood was too dangerous. The neighborhood was in a dingy area of a suburb.


      1. Billy clubs, saps, blackjacks, sticks, fists, and feet kill more people than rifles do, so that must be the rationale.
        All of the above are also arms, so the Second Amendment should protect billy clubs, saps, blackjack, sticks and shillelaghs.

    1. Buy some really sturdy shotguns. When someone complains about being beaten with them, ask “Would you prefer to be shot?”

  6. I didn’t like cities to start with and the prosecutors not prosecuting criminals makes me avoid them entirely. Usually I’d go into a city during daylight hours but now I’m just going to avoid them altogether. I went into one city last year and visited a couple of shops I liked and walked around for a while. That’s off of the ToDo list now. Let those monuments of Gotham sink.


    1. The stores and shops that used to be in the City have now all moved to ” more Customer friendly ” locations in the burbs plus the cost of parking somewhere that there is a greater than 50% chance that you will be able to have a car to drive back home is now prohibitive for even a short visit. The tent cities and drug dens don’t help either.
      They seem to be actively discouraging any visitators.
      So there is no longer a reason to go there.

    1. Give ’em a whiff, and it may motivate them a little bit towards a more righteous and law abiding path through life.

  7. I met the current DA when he was out canvassing signatures to get him on the ballot the first time. I asked him, “What are you gonna do about all them assault rifles ‘n handguns?”
    He said we’re gonna get rid of ’em. I said he’ll never get my vote, then. Everybody else at the party signed his petition.
    I read a non-fiction once about life in Shanghai between the World Wars, and the crime and corruption was massive: hulking big private guards(Northern Chinese, they’re big guys) at the doors of every business that could afford them, but with shotguns and Broomhandle Mausers instead of AR rifles and Nines. These guys were, however, authorized to shoot to kill. Not here, not yet.
    Stay safe

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