Today’s public service announcement comes from Noose-Tie, makers of fine hemp rope for over 150 years (motto:Stretch Necks Not Rope“), and should serve as a handy little reference guide for when we start cleaning up the Swamp come The Glorious Day:

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range because I support shooting over hanging, for obvious reasons.


  1. Given the changing times, I’d think you would need to expand that chart to 300 lbs or risk some problems. Mostly snapping the head off on the drop, which I understand is considered poor etiquette.

  2. More modern nylon line is not only stronger it is also more elastic. Besides the drop portion is not really necessary, it only speeds things up and adds more certainty. Plus even more additional entertainment value.

    1. That’s the problem with nylon; it stretches and therefore won’t give the desired quick snap. Polyester is a better choice for this application, almost no stretch and a crisp snap.

  3. I like the pictures going around the internet showing a guillotine with a plinko board underneath it for the head. Plinko from The Price is Right is a peg board that a round chip bounces off of until it goes into a slot at the bottom. Prizes are marked at the bottom in the slots.


  4. not wishing to sound too unconscionable, but why do we want to snap the cervical vertebrae leading to a extremely rapid death. I’d much prefer to see a slow jig, legs unbound, danced at the end of a hempen necklace for a particular class of malefactors; an additional benefit, if public, might eliminate the current crime spike.

    1. Boron,
      You’re absolutely right. Every so often let them down, catch half a breath then repeat. I believe garroting was a prolonged skill used in Spain during and after the Spanish Inquisition.


  5. Good to know! For too many decades (centuries) Hangmen kept this information secret, as if it were some difficult to calculate, esoteric and arcane information that only they had the experience and ability to determine with the precision necessary to dispatch the condemned.

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