1. Boat dock too small…
    And all those ‘off grid’ homes lack even the most basic necessities like running water, electricity, etc.
    Let alone, at our age, the trouble getting speedy medical services.

  2. Given that in most lakes there are a plethora of drunk boaters going way too fast and way too close to others, I’d think you’d have plenty of moving targets for shotgun or rifle.

    Jwenting – it’s close enough to shore to run some underwater cable and water lines, although sewage would be a problem. But power and water should be doable. I’ve seen some floating cabins for rent in the marshes and back bays that require you to boat everything in and out. No power, no A/C unless you can boat in a generator and lots of gas. They politely don’t mention sewage, so no idea there. Looks great in pics, not so much in real life.

    1. the sewage goes right into the water… Either that or it goes into a holding tank that needs to be cleared out regularly, which means getting someone in to take it away for disposal.

  3. T’is not far enough removed from neighbors to be safe and as others have commented, not suitable for true off grid living. Besides, when the lake freezes solid, helloo everyone and their brother.

  4. Any time you have a house THAT close to the water, periodically the water WILL come for a visit.

    1. Yes! I remember when my parents realized they were somewhat wealthy and shopped for a house on the water near Traverse City, Michigan. After looking at several, they realized that there’s a 5 to 10 foot cycle to the water height in Lake Michigan, and similarly in most of the smaller lakes. A house on the water is likely to become a house _in_ the water sometimes.

  5. You could set your empty milk jugs and beer bottles afloat and sink ’em with your arm du jour.
    If you have understanding neighbors, that is.

  6. the concept of a house on an island away from people sure is appealing but many have pointed out the shortcomings of this one in particular.

    I think I’d rather have my house in the woods near a state or national park or woods. Toss a fence up along the abutment to the public land. Have enough room for a rifle range/pistol range. Add trap and skeet ranges or other sporting clays as you prefer. To get enough land for this, you would then also have trails to walk as you build your homestead. I’d also like a garden too. I think a Roman said that a man is rich as long as he has a library and a garden. whomever said that didn’t have access to firearms so I’m sure they’d be on the list as well.


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