1. My folks took us everywhere with them, we were expected to behave, and we did. That was enforced long before we sat down at the restaurant/church/meeting/house-visit, and in our case it was enforced corporally.

    Even if it was a place kids weren’t allowed, if they knew my folks, we were let in.

  2. My comment elsewhere in this same story–

    “Adult age kids “raising” kids. Lord of the Flies, at the speed of the internet. This is the advice I give first time parents–

    Buy a stud finder. Make small surreptitious marks on your walls where the studs are. When your little darling gives you that first look of “Who died and made you King?”, grab them by whatever passes for lapels on their clothing, pick them up, and plant them in the sheetrock, between the studs. Three things will happen–

    1) They will stay.
    2) They will listen. You will not have to raise your voice.
    3) When the conversation is over, pop them out and dust them off. Won’t leave a mark on

  3. My observation of the 10-12 year old aggressive kid in the video:

    See how he initially placed his hands behind his back? Someone TAUGHT that kid specific methods of provoking people without actually striking them. Someone very carefully taught that kid that he could be as aggressive and anti social as he liked and get away with it as long as he kept his hands to himself.

    In fact, the adult, showing amazing restraint, didn’t lay a pinky on the kid until he started flailing at him. Too bad the adult never took an Aikido course. Kids belly bump leaning into people like that have a tendency to fall down and go boom as a result of their own clumsiness, no need to touch them with your hands, dontcha know.

    1. Exactly right geekWithA.45, then when someone actually gave him a shove he started crying like a little bitch about child abuse. His aggression was based on him thinking that there would be no repercussions for his actions. The real child abuse in his case is the lack of discipline that has been in his life, and if he thinks that little shove was bad wait until his attitude puts him in a lockup somewhere and a gang of dudes decides he’s their bitch.

      I would STILL be in a coma if my parents found out I behaved like that when I was a kid!

  4. as soon as that turd put his hands on the adult, the adult should have smacked the kid full force. When the turn punched the adult the gloves should have come off


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