3 People

…or groups of people that I don’t want to see, read about or hear from in 2023:


  • Rebel Wilson — this sour-faced Oz chick was distasteful even before she went lesbo
  • Harry / Meghan — totally irrelevant couple, consisting of the one-time royal “spare” and an ex-TV starlet of little talent
  • Madonna — I shouldn’t have to explain why

(Dis)honorable mention:  Piers Morgan.  Because Piers Morgan.


  • anyone named Beckham:  David, his pointy wife, his no-talent sons, whatever
  • the Kardashian / Jenner coven — they are the very definition of the term “media whores”;  also included:  their many sperm donors
  • anyone named Obama — the socialist ex-president, his talent-free wife and his irrelevant daughters

(Dis)honorable mention:  any Trump not named Donald.

Taken as a whole, all the above define the word INSIGNIFICA, as coined by Yer Humble Narrator, and deserve no hearing or exposure.


  1. My list is much simpler than yours.
    I don’t want to see or hear from anyone other than my wife, and with her, seldom is better. Just leave my ass the fuk alone. I have no more patience for disappointment.

  2. Any celebrity speaking about something other than their acting or music.
    Any Royal Family member, sorry not sorry tossing out wheat with chaff
    any statist or anarchist. their mouths are inhabited by far too many teeth

    Bonus, folks who trash talk our wonderful country especially those who refuse to leave.


    1. The things she’s been putting Grampa through just because she wants to be First Lady!
      That’s criminal, I say!

  3. Rebel Wilson is an Ozzie? You mean I’ve been ignoring her on the basis of believing she was the spawn of a Beach Boy?
    OK, then, I will ignore her for real reasons now.

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