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Stories like this one provide yet another reason why women shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace:

A ‘cold and calculating’ fraudster stole more than £1.3million from a small family business where she worked. Alison Smith abused her role at a Blaenavon firm in a ‘devastating’ nine-year fraud, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Roger Griffiths said the 42-year-old sowed division and animosity in the family who own Eiran Civil Engineering so she could go undetected as she made hundreds of fraudulent payments – funding a habit for expensive holidays, cars and clothes. Smith worked for the company as a financial manager from June 2012 until January this year when she resigned.

I don’t care about the money this bitch stole;  men have often done precisely the same thing, or worse.  But this horrible woman’s most damning act was sowing “division and animosity in the family”.  Read the whole story to get an idea of the immensity of her evil.

I can honestly say that in my 40+ years in business life, I never saw a man who could compete with any woman in creating an atmosphere of devious backbiting, career assassination and downright unpleasantness in the workplace.  And in most cases it had nothing to do with crap like sexual harassment, either (although I saw that little ploy used quite often).  Women were (and are) just as willing to stab other women in the back, if it benefits them — or sometimes just out of outright spite.

Anecdote is not data, of course;  but ask any ordinary working woman* whether she’d prefer to work with men, or in a female-only workplace.  The response may surprise you.

*this definition would exclude gender careerists and almost all rabid feministicals.


  1. Oh yeah, the myth that girls are sweet innocent little things to be protected? Total BS. Some of them are Satan incarnate, especially towards other women.

  2. I’ve NEVER had a female boss who wasn’t a cunt.

    I have spoken to multiple women who say they HATE having a female boss, even if their male bosses were louts.

    As soon as an HR department gets overtaken by chicks (and they all are now), all the goofy woke shit starts becoming mandatory, and they become a group of Brown Shirts that bully not just the staff, but the execs and even the ownership.

    The Mrs worked for 20yrs in a DRs office (male) with few complaints. The practice was sold to a female Dr, and its been a shitshow ever since

    Observations like those aside. I was for many years a single Dad of two girls. As such they were raised with the values I’d raise a son with. But then they had to go interact in back stabbing girl world, at the poxy public schools, or even sadly, church.

    I don’t think this quote is original to me, “If women didn’t have vaginas men would have killed them off centuries ago”

  3. Nine years? No audits, I suppose.

    Who was minding the store? So to speak.

    I can give or take working with women, you just have to know how the field is striped. In the past I had a coworker screech at me and go to my boss. He said if it’s you or him, you’re gone. Helps to have a valuable skill and work ethic.

    But far as working for them? I’d rather not.

    In my experience, it’s a crap shoot. They are either godawful, or OK, but nowhere in between.

    I had one of the best VP bosses ever for a decade or so. Total alpha dog. Then we got purchased by a rainbow corp. Still cool, I had a german boss, a dude, who was cool as well. When he left, he was replaced by a woman and after a meeting or two, I got the sense I needed to be elsewhere. Luckily, she moved me under one of her directors, who is OK. Or, at least, hasn’t exhibited instability yet.

  4. “Don’t try and understand women, son. Women understand women; and they hate each other.”

  5. I changed from a heavily male industry of construction management and became a registered nurse after the great recession of 2008. Nursing is a heavily female dominated industry and I have to say that the nursing industry around here is about 15-20 years behind construction when it comes to gender treatment. There were some great nurses that I worked with but far too many are or condone utter nastiness, pettiness, backbiting, dishonesty and a host of other unpleasant vices. Nursing even has a reputation for “eating their own” that they do nothing to repudiate.


  6. Kim I think you have pointed out the truth about HR departments in the past and you have been bullseye spot on accurate. About their only valuable function is to make sure the employee’s tax information, 401k information, life insurance and benefits are handled properly. Other than that administrative role, they contribute absolutely nothing to a company’s profitability or mission.


  7. My ex partner was the (female) head of HR in an all female HR department. She hated working with women, while also being astonishingly nasty about her female colleagues and other women in general. Other women I’ve spoken to in the workplace also despised her. It was a total shitshow.

  8. My former company had to comply with a Consent Decree, because according to plaintiff Big Guv there were not “enough” women and minorities in management.
    The result was the hiring of a ton of women to be supervisors and managers, a large percentage of whom were elementary school teachers looking to make more bucks, and most of them could not cut it on a factory floor. Instead of dealing with pliable little kids, they had to motivate and control a bunch of 30 to 65 year-old tough cookies, male and female, who had no qualms telling the schoolmarms to go to hell or go fuck yourself.
    I saw many of the tenderfoots crying in their offices after a third encounter of the cussing kind. The result was most left the factory and found a sinecure with lots more power as they swelled HR into a behemoth of busybodies doing makework and inflicting their day twos on the rest of us forever with their damned diversity fairs, sensitivity raining, discrimination lawsuits and general cuntiness.

  9. I had a female boss, Anneke are you reading this, and she was absolutely terrific. We did our jobs not out of fear but simply to please her. Not a micro-manager, she knew how to delegate.

    I’ve been an accountant for most of my life and most of my staff have been women. The sheer bitchiness and jealousy is hard to believe. When confronted with the “It’s her or me” threat I soon learned to say, “Heck I’m going to miss you baby.”

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