I have mentioned before about the confusion I have with actors’ or starlets’ or celebrities; names which are either the same, or close enough for my senior-level brain to grind to a halt.

Did I ever mention the Foxes:  Julia, Megan, Emilia and Samantha?

Truth be told, I’m a little more familiar with the last-named, but only because she’s been around forever, as a Page Three Girl, a singer and (more recently) a prominent lesbianist.


I’ve also seen Emilia (daughter of James and sister of Laurence) in a couple of good movies.


But the first two?  No chance.


Couldn’t tell them apart with a crib note.

So whenever I see mention of “______ Fox”, my brain tries to identify which one’s the topic under discussion, and then says, “Fuck it, I’ll go and watch Othias and Mae instead.”

Actually, not a bad outcome, all things considered.


  1. Easy to tell. Megan is the one with the vestigial thumbs. Stumpy little nubs they are. Plus she’s not a heifer. There’s that.

  2. Sorting out your four Foxes is challenging for even non-senior brains. To test whether your brain has reached actual senior decay level, add Michael J. to the mix. Now can you still not sort any of them out?
    If you fail the above test, you’re ready to run as a Democrat for senator in Pennsylvania or for President as a Democrat in 2024.

        1. The fix was in from the start. It’s like the joke about how Mondale got to be Carter’s VP. Other possibilities came to Plains to kiss the Toothy Grinner’s ring, and one asked for “Blue-eyed Peas”, another mentioned that no one from his family had been there since December 1864 with Sherman, and when Fritz showed up, Rosalind said, “Fritz, keep your mouth shut and the job’s yours.”
          It was hard to keep ol’ “Garbage Mouth” quiet, but they kept him in Joe’s Basement where they could control every sound that reached the outside world, so he was elected. The media was sure that anybody but Trump could win, and no one thought to ask who’s driving the ship Dopey Joe’s the figurehead of.

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