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So in that excellent school spirit, we see the following:

next up:  dildos for gradeschoolers.  You heard it here first.

...amazingly, not in Scarsdale NY, but Pakistan.

In other news:

eh, tell the old bitch to fuck off and MYOB.  She’ll be gone by December, anyway.

and in a related item:

so now most of the country is bizarro, according to President Braindead.

gettin’ scary out there, folks.  Time To Carry (as if we need reminding).

From the International News Desk:

for Princess Sourpuss, that’s hardly a new look.

key words:  “alcohol”, “of no fixed abode”, and “Liverpool”.  I’m amazed that she was even arrested, given the circumstances.

And speaking of Matters Sexual:

meh;  his dick, his choice of recipients.  As it should be.

don’t all rush there at the same time, or you’ll crash the page.

And from the INSIGNIFICA Files:


…aaahhhh, I still can’t get used to RollerGirl being over 50:


At any age, Bubba.

And on that deep throat thought, we end the news.


  1. Liverpool is maybe not what it used to be. We were there in May and down the waterfront it was neat, clean, new, orderly, nice and scenic. The downtown behind looked pretty good too from the hop on hop off tour bus. They have a great waterfront museum, rebuilt all the docks and pools, and do a good job with Mersey ferry tours. There is a big open plaza with a nice spacious feel. The pubs are nice and the beer is good.

    I gather it used to be a violent dump, but it isn’t now.

    As for the homeless, aka drunken, drug addled bums, we have many more of them here in Calgary Canada than I saw in Liverpool.

  2. Interesting cast of royalty in attendance. The Emperor and Empress of Japan are not known for public appearances. And Queen Rania of Jordan is still gorgeous.

    But that’s a damn lot of royalty all in one place. Can you imagine what security most have been like??

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