1. Always “fashion forward”, Shirley’s prediction of 2022 everyday wear just puzzled her 1959 audience.

  2. With her recent passing, pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s wild past are starting to leak out.

    Too soon?

  3. When you have those dreams where you are in public without any clothes, then realize you are only drunk.

  4. Spokes-model Brandon sports an early version of the ‘Get Smart’ telephone-in-a-shoe… prior to miniaturization!
    As much as we all wish we could be close to him, this was spokes-model Brandon’s time to shine!
    Seen here as he was shunned by the thousands, historians will foot-note Brandon as a miserably-failed spokes-model… while his dedicated cow-orkers continue to tout his wonderful personality and strong sense of integrity!

  5. With only moments to spare before the mid-term elections — and needing to ‘win over’ another 82-million undecided — Brandon ‘pulls out’ all the ‘stops’!

  6. Although I am sure we can all agree today’s subject certainly bears an uncanny resemblance to Glorious Leader chinesium joe biden, his dedicated cow-orkers ridicule the image, claiming he could never figure a way out of the basement!

  7. Pretty hot, but who’s the ugly tart in her undies?

    The Black & White Lingerie Show.

    [Small man with wicker basket] I’ve got a stepladder in the garden shed.

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