Just In Case You Were Wondering

After two weeks of feeling like shit, worrying about Covid, pneumonia and all other things what could kill me, I finally took me off to an emergency care place and got an X-ray.
Diagnosis:  nothing serious.
What I have:  a bad case of bronchitis.
Treatment: Mucinex, also something to suppress the coughing spasms at night, lots of rest.

Yesterday was the first day of such treatment, and last night I slept for six solid hours before being woken up not by coughing, but by inhaling saliva in my sleep, i.e. just my body fucking with me like it usually does.

So far today, from 5am until this post, I’ve coughed about a dozen times (all “productive”), which was more like my half-hourly (dry) rate beforehand.

Am I getting better?  Let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic.  So unless you hear differently from me, assume the latter.


  1. Good to hear ya doing better. But word to the wise for old folks, don’t think you’re a young buck or buckette. Get to a doctor quickly when dealing with some medical condition. Things can spiral out of control unbelievably fast when old. Your body just doesn’t have the resouces to deal with a crisis.

  2. Glad you’re on the mend. Every year I get what I call the *crud* and Mucinex is the only thing that gets rid of it. Gotta cough it out.

    Earlier this year future wife 2.0 got the same thing and I gave her a box. Worked like a charm.

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