Different Imports

Maybe I’m being just a simple-minded Texan here, but when you see this situation occurring:

Tens of millions of Pakistanis have been forced to flee their homes and more than 1,000 are dead as devastating flooding threatens to drown an area the size of Britain, experts warned. One third of the country faces going under and entire villages have vanished, with dramatic footage capturing hotel collapses, helicopter rescues and narrow escapes among desperate residents. Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said this morning from his home in flood-ravaged province Sindh, south-eastern Pakistan: ‘Around me is just water, water and more water. There’s not much dry land to be found. We’ve suffered a devastating monsoon [with] floods from the sky that have been going on since the end of June. It is a catastrophe on a scale that I have never seen before.’

And add it to this situation:

Astonishing pictures show a medieval village that was submerged by a reservoir a century ago and has now reappeared as a result of falling water levels.
The pictures come as droughts and hosepipe bans were being declared across the UK after weeks after weeks* of no to little rainfall.

…wouldn’t it make more sense for Britishland, at least for a year or two, to pause the importation of Pakistanis and replace it with importation of Pakistan’s water surplus?

*the proper grammar being “week after week” or, if multiple weeks, “month after month”, but let’s not get sidetracked.


  1. > the proper grammar being “week after week”…

    * Maybe the original author is an import from Pakistan? Still, the editor should be…um…reprimanded
    * Alternatively “…weeks AND weeks…”

    1. I read once, pre-Internet, about how some western engineers came to the Middle East and built these wonderfully strong bridges in Iraq, Iran, or Pakistan (It’s been 30+ years so give me a break) and in the wet season the rains washed out all the approaches to the bridges, leaving the wonderfully strong bridges with no place to take anyone. This should shut the climate change hoaxers traps once and for all, but knowing them, it won’t.

    1. A soon as those new IRS people get to work shaking down us taxpayers.
      As for me, I believe the new 87,000 IRS drones should be dispatched to track down the student loan deadbeats and social justice warriors who renege on their debt, and seize their stuff and padlock their momma’s basement.

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