1. Colt revolvers are very nice. As you stated though, pricey, especially the antiques.

    If you did hit the lotto, two copies of each classic please.

    For us poor folk, whenever money we have left after the government finishes raping our paychecks, It’s Ruger or S&W for the common folk.

    4 inch nickel plated classic Python would be nice. And also a 4 inch Anaconda in 45 Colt to go with it. Prices on these two classics are atrocious. Maybe during the next recession some people will be desperate for US Monopoly money and the common folk who saved their Pennies can maybe pick these classics up at a reasonable cost.

  2. The Mauser sure looks nice and is tempting until I see the price tag.

    I’m sure the Colts are nice but I’m looking for a S&W Model 29 DX or sihlouette and a 4″ model as well.


  3. I am so so glad that I bough a 6 inch Python back in the 1980’s for $300. Still got it, great shooter. Love it. Would never consider spending that much today. Well, maybe. If I wasn’t married. Of course, I’d probably be dead if I didn’t have someone around to keep me from doing a lot of stupid shit. So it works out, I guess.

    1. The people who bought the rare 2, 3 and 4 inch Python 357 models made out big time. Those models go for huge money!

      And the 4 inch Anaconda 45 Colt and 4 inch 44 Mag Anaconda , big bucks for those too.

      6 inch is popular. To me it seems a little long for a revolver…

      1. When I have less than a 6″ barrel in a .357 revolver, I start shooting .38 Spec.

        The 6″ barrel tames the .357’s recoil very well, the smaller barrels make shooting the Mags a chore.

        1. I really like the 4 inch stainless steel Ruger GP100. 4
          Inch is plenty of barrel for my
          Needs and Magnums of the 357 variety are easy to handle on the Ruger. Maybe it’s the way the handle
          Is on some of these magnums? Either way get the length you prefer. Size matters. Also one thing for sure that sucks to use is the snubby 357 especially aluminum frame. 38 for snub nose. Unless it’s a ruger sp101 in 2 or 3 inch. That’s all steel.

        2. Kim,
          Does the extra 2″ of barrel length really make that big of a difference with .357mag? My first modern revolver was a model 66-? with a 4″ barrel from Smith and Wesson. .357 was not that enjoyable to use so I typically put .38special +P through it. It’s very fun to shoot. I have had access to a 6″ model 686 but haven’t put .357magnums or 38s through it.


  4. RE: the Colt Python pictured above

    I have the Smith & Wesson version of the same fine weapon, purchased about the same time. While I don’t think it’s the same fine treasure (no box after all these years,) it might be time to see just what it IS worth, had I not lost it over the side of my bass boat into Roosevelt Lake during the terrible Monsoon of 1987.

  5. When you had your Nation of Riflemen get-together around 15 years ago, I stayed an extra couple of days to ride down to Houston for the sole purpose of going to Collectors Firearms. I had already been buying guns from them online, but going in person and being able to touch and feel everything and talk with their knowledgeable staff was a true pleasure.

    For now, I’ll have to settle for going to its website and let my fingers do the walking.

  6. Hhhmmm $300 in 1980, $4250 in 2022 equals 14.166 times, or a compounded rate of 1.065% per annum. Not sure you get that with any financial instrument selected then… (Of course the Dow then was 785 and today 32,000 something!)

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