Open Contempt

And the Feds wonder why we gun owners prefer to buy guns from each other, rather than through an FFL?


According to the ATF’s own rules as laid out in documents provided to AmmoLand news by Gun Owners of America (GOA) through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, IOIs are only allowed to photocopy ATF 4473 or other documents to log violations. Those copies must be treated as “evidence.” The ATF’s own rules strictly prohibit the mass copying of 4473 forms or any other documents. In the video, the ATF employee can be seen photographing the entire A&D logbook instead of just the relative sections. The surrendering of documents is also supposed to be voluntary by the FFL.



  1. The courts and legislatures have been in contempt of the Supreme Court after they released their decision on McDonald and Heller. These politicians and bureaucrats should be in jail for contempt. Since it’s a civil rights issue, they should be in jail for 10-20 years no parole.


    1. Kinda reminds me of how the Democrats behaved from post-Civil war until the mid-1960’s.

      Jim Crow, anyone?

      New York’s “We can’t have ‘justifiable need’ for a pistol permit? Fine. We’ll drop that and require the applicant to ‘demonstrate good moral character’ then. See you in court” new laws are a perfect example.

      1. Crazy Eighter,
        You’re absolutely right that the politicians, bureaucrats and propagandists treat the 2A as Jim Crow.

        I’m in favor of Constitutional carry since we don’t need a license or permit to exercise any of our other rights.


  2. How does that rule re: copying 4473’s, apply to a state agency that is a P.O.C. for background checks, but insists that FFL’s fax them ALL the pages of the 4473 where only basic info is required if the check is conducted telephonically*, in a state without legislative authority to create a Gun Registry?
    Under the Gov’s Covid State of Emergency (since ended) gov’t workers were sent home to work remotely leaving almost no personnel in the office to take phone calls from FFL’s and process background checks. You could spend 2-3 hours on the phone attempting to get an OK, and that was if you ever got past a busy signal.

  3. The next Republican president needs to reorganize the DOJ to put in place a specific department or section to prosecute the states that trample on our civil rights, create and maintain a firearm ownership registry etc. The contempt by local and state bureaucrats and politicians is appalling.


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