Big Bruvva’s Watching, Mate

In East Germany  Australia, the Stasi  Gummint is stepping up their efforts to spy on its slaves  citizens:

The next generation of speed cameras being rolled out in Western Australia don’t only catch lead foots but also snap drivers using mobile phones or not wearing seat belts.

In a $1.5million three-month trial, the first mobile point-to-point road safety cameras in Australia will be deployed in and around Perth.

Six cameras, which work in pairs, will measure the average speeds of drivers over a distance, which means those who only slow down when they spot a camera are more likely to be caught.

This is why the OzGov has been so keen to disarm their populace — those fucking intrusive cameras make awfully tempting targets.

I especially like this one:

However, during the pilot the cameras will not be directly used to issue infringements as laws would need to be passed to allow this.

But (and you knew this was coming):

For now they will be tested for their suitability but police can use the data to determine where certain offences are happening.

West Australia’s Strassensicherheidtsgauleiter  Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia said images showing particularly dangerous behaviour would be passed onto police to investigate.

Someone explain the difference to me between:

“directly used to issue infringements”
“passed onto police to investigate”

From the perspective of the end user (which end of the user needs no explanation) there’s NO difference.

Bastards.  Still another reason to avoid the poxy place


  1. and here I was thinking that Oz would be a good place to invest some retirement funds

  2. Oh, come on Kim! These are safety cameras!

    (Much like the Gun “Safety” laws the Democrats are so keen on passing here in the U.S.)

    1. Same thing happened in Arkansas, I believe, many years ago
      when the ‘authorities’ discovered they could tie a camera and a
      radar unit together and put the thing almost ANYWHERE and
      get all sort of clear photos of speeders showing time, date, pic
      of the driver and most importantly, license plate number.
      Use the license plate number, mail the offender a ticket and
      wait for the money to roll in !
      Simple and profitable until ……………………
      Seems the devices would set off radar detectors ( who saw that
      coming ) and the devices were not particularly well concealed
      or ‘robust in construction’ ! They were also NOT inexpensive !
      This led to some people taking offense and SIGNIFICANTLY reducing
      the value of the devices by employing something called a
      Louisville Slugger, or maybe it was a tire iron, or a large rock
      or whatever happened to be handy !
      In any case the program was ‘cut short due to unforeseen side
      effects’. Uh uh, yeah, right.

  3. Used to think Oz would be a good place to wait out the coming festivities, but it looks like they will be leading the charge.

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