More Fish To Fry

I think it’s time that conservatives look at the overturning of Roe, declare victory, and move on to more important (and really vital) social topics, at the state level, rather than start making people nervous by more-invasive anti-abortion laws.

And by “people”, I mean people like me.

Yes, there will always be some state-level folly that needs to be addressed — oppressive state gun ownership “tests”, for example — but just as with the major 2A victory, let’s not push for AK-47s in Aisle 7 at Kroger because while that doesn’t make me especially nervous, it probably would most people.  Apply that concept to abortion-restrictive laws, and you’ll get my drift.

Let’s start with another state power:  our schools and the destructive policies of Critical Race Theory, anti-male indoctrination and Marxism which have all become embedded in public school curricula.

If we want a more urgent local action, let’s address another state power:  that of voting management and policy.  Without serious controls in place to guarantee that another ten million votes aren’t suddenly “found” in ballot boxes or the foul voting machines, none of the rest counts.

We’ve won the 2A battle and we’ve destroyed the Constitutional foolishness of Roe v. Wade.  It’s time to get serious about the rest of the Counterculture.

Oh, and if we want another national ailment to tackle, let’s talk about the wokeness and feminization of the Armed Forces, and their baleful effects on our ability to protect this republic.  More on that later.


  1. I’m a lot more pro-life than you are, Kim. But, if I were a state legislator, I would vote for a bill that did something like ban abortions after 12 or 13 weeks unless there was a really really really good reason, like life of the mother being actually seriously at risk. 70% of Americans are fine with that ban, and while it’s not everything I want, it’s much better than where we are right now. So, a win-win for pretty much everyone there.

    And you are spot on about focusing on schools and fixing them although many may be beyond fixing.

  2. Kim: ‘Oh, and if we want another national ailment to tackle, let’s talk about the wokeness and feminization of the Armed Forces, and their baleful effects on our ability to protect this republic. More on that later.’

    The conservative red-neck kids who used to sign up after high school and serve in the combat arms have not gone away, most of them have decided to sit this one out however, there are lots of them who like to shoot and own guns, evil AR and AK things so there you have it, citizens, young ones who have guns and like the USA. Most of them still know how to use the ‘real’ correct pronouns.

  3. There’s a ton of stuff in here to unpack, and so little time, thus I resort to bullet points:

    * The SCOTUS rulings of this term is probably the first sustained systematic assault on what I’ve been calling the Post Constitutional Order since FDR built it to Wilson’s blueprints. It is a stand for Constitutional Integrity, and a long overdue one at that.
    ** Most people don’t see it that way. At all. The captive press actively works against that.

    * Constitutional doesn’t mean free, fair, principled, or any of that. It simply means “In conformance with a constitution”, which we desperately hope has something to do with free, fair, principled, and all of that.

    * Dodd, which overturned Roe is complex. There are several axis to consider: legal, ethical, practical policy and political
    ** Re: Law: Roe was always wishful judicial doctrine, and overturning at the Fed level and returning it to the States it is the correct legal answer. That’s what the 10th amendment means.
    **Ethically, individuals and governments (at any level, fed/state/local)only have standing to act against the body autonomy rights of the mother >>IF<< another entity whose rights compete with the mother's can be shown to exist. The only people claiming that such an entity exists from conception are the People of Faith, a sizeable minority. A sizable majority, the People of Science consider the multicell zygote with no neural structure at all, much less one necessary to support a self aware conciousness shake their head and say "no way". Most are also honest enough to become increasingly uncomfortable with that as the thing develops, and the "no way" position becomes less and less certain.
    ** As a political matter, it drives a wedge right through the centrists, who are rightly concerned about violation of body autonomy. The Left and their political stooges the Democratic party has a long history of exploiting this wedge, alienating many otherwise sane and sensible centrists away from what is all to easy to paint as the snake handling jaheezuz singing GOP, who can't help but hand their enemies ammunition when it comes to this. It's more than "let’s not push for AK-47s in Aisle 7 at Kroger". The GOP faces a stark choice of alienating the center, or alienating its People of Faith bloc.
    **As a practical matter, most people (excluding PoF, who will never be satisfied unless their policy preferences were entombed in law) would be comfortable knowing that first trimester terminations were protected as a matter of body autonomy, and there will be no peace from 2/3s or our society until that is broadly established.

  4. I may be an outlier here, but I’d like to see some property rights protections re-animated as well. Insofar as firearms are property there is some overlap. You will never remove the desire of the .gov fed/state/local to commit its bastardy, I want to remove its ability to commit such acts. Seeing the .gov shake in impotent rage because they can’t do anything about something… just heart-warming.

    1. Absolutely. Heavily restrict eminent domain as well as asset forfeiture.

      The war on drugs has allowed law enforcement to ramp up asset forfeiture to the point cops will set up road blocks, search cars, and seize any sizeable amounts of money under the guise of fighting drug trafficking. Plenty of horror stories there.

  5. Much of the reason that the Progs are on the losing end of things right now is because they overreached.

    Polls indicate that very, very few people are comfortable with late term abortions, and most people are uncomfortable with banning abortion altogether. Part of the backlash against Roe came from the Progs arguing that 13 year old girls should be able to get abortions without parental knowledge, from “abortion until right after birth”, and from forcing organizations that are *explicitly* religious to provide abortion as birth control coverage.

    It’s like this across the board. Most people have nothing against homosexuals. Fewer approve of homosexual marriage, but very, very few are comfortable with the sexual…practices of that community being carried out *on the streets* in front of their children(even those that practice some of that stuff in their own bedrooms), and even fewer want their children taught those practices in grade school.

    Most of us have no problems using wind and solar to provide power, when appropriately used. Electric cars are fine for some uses, if someone wants them. But we know that solar can’t replace coal, and wind can’t replace natural gas, and that there is no way that we can ditch fossil fuels and still live the lives we live now. But that’s what the left has wanted for *decades*.

    I could go on until I filled up the disks that Our Hosts blog is sitting on.

    Let us take two lessons from this:
    1) Take a small win and sit on it for a while. Then go back to the trough, and when the left complains, loudly demand that they “compromise”.

    2) Do not overreach. Just like people aren’t comfortable with abortion on demand for 13 year olds without parental consent, they aren’t going to be comfortable with grenades and rocket launchers being sold over the counter at the Liquor, Guns and Ammo store.

  6. “… the wokeness and feminization of the Armed Forces, and their baleful effects on our ability to protect this republic …”

    Multi-task! Let’s bring all those service members that are being rousted out into our schools as teachers, and administrators – remembering that every soldier/sailor/airman/Marine is first and foremost a teacher, because you can’t advance until you’ve trained your replacement. And also remembering that military service is an exercise in “continuing education”, since new techniques and technologies are constantly being devised and implemented.
    Our K-12 kids could do a lot worse (and looking at current test scores, have) than having an ex-G.I. as a class-room teacher and role-model. As someone who entered the K-12 system in the immediate aftermath of WW2, and in the next 12 years had a multitude of vets as teachers, it was valuable being counseled by someone who had seen what the alternative was.

  7. >>Oh, and if we want another national ailment to tackle, let’s talk about the wokeness and feminization of the Armed Forces, and their baleful effects on our ability to protect this republic. More on that later.

    Yeah, about that. Under the civilian command of Progressivist’s puppets, defense of the actual American Republic simply isn’t a priority on the agenda. I think that people understand this, hence the lowest enlistment levels since whenever.

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