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And speaking of asses:

well yes, except that not one state has a law which defines an ectopic pregnancy procedure as an abortion.  Not one.

Now from the (non-Disney) Animal Kingdom:

just South Africa reminding Australia that they have sharks, too.  And:

A woman has died after a shark ‘bit off her arm and leg’ at a tourist hotspot in Egypt.
wait: now the Gyppos try to get in on the act?

only nine feet long?  [Oz and Seffrica giggle]

and for those who think that this was just coincidence after the pro-2A Gruen decision by SCOTUS, I have a London Bridge to sell you.

More Californication:

yeah, this is going to end about the way we all know it will — it’s West Hollywood, so in tears and squealing.

and you believed them?  LOL

which chronicles the lifestyle of the Greatest Living Englishman.  And speaking of driving fast:

while escaping to Florida and Texas, no doubt.

and if the voters say “Forget it” (as they did with same-sex marriages)?

From the Department of Irony come three snippets:

’nuff said.

imagine the humiliation of being caught out by the guys who invented the things.


couldn’t make this stuff up.

say “Buh-bye” to a lot of crap schools, and their administrators.

I’d prefer to listen to the sound of Drowning Piers Morgan, myself.

And from Perverts International:

oh, you naughty Bees.

no, she just doesn’t want to be “suicided” by the Clintons, like her old boyfriend was.

key word:  Australia.

And from the bowels of link-free INSIGNIFICA:


And from the sporting world — yes, it’s Wimbledon Time:

until she lost, of course.  Still:



Cleans up well, doesn’t she?

That’s the news…


  1. What happened to the last women’s tennis phenom? They don’t last long these days, do they?

  2. There have been some articles going around about why don’t women’s sports get more viewers. You mentioned it a few weeks ago I believe. I’m not a golf fan because a golf course is a waste of several rifle ranges. But anyway, I’d watch more golf if folks like Paige Spiranic were playing. Same with women’s tennis. unfortunately my streaming television content has very little for live programming.


  3. play in a shark’s dining room, what do you expect?

    the California “leak” was not a leak at all. It was done on purpose. And this is yet another reason universal background checks are bad. In the northeast, one state randomly shuts down the system for “maintenance” or some other foolish reason. No one believes them. You can either understand history or your can trust government but never both.

    The ectopic pregnancy excuse from the pro-infanticide coven is utter nonsense. As you said, no one is proposing to make that procedure illegal. Even the pro-life folks acknowledge that on their websites etc.

    Great news for Arizona. Now for that to reach other states faster than COVID products from the Communist Chinese Wuhan biological weapons lab.

    Piers Morgan, after that I stop reading. Was that a link to his obit?

    Madonna went topless? Good luck getting an appointment with a therapist after that display.


  4. “[Oz and Seffrica giggle]”

    Okay, but I’ll bet if anyone from Oz or Seffrica were being attacked by a 9 ft. shark, *they* would certainly not be giggling.

  5. Kim du Toit is coming right. Katie Boulter doesn’t have huge ginormous oversize swinging tits hanging down past her belly button and her hips don’t span a six-lane freeway.

  6. Katie Boulter – Yeah, I and many others would do that.
    Of course, the Dirty Little OPEN Secret of “Ladies” tennis and golf, is the Ladies like other Ladies.

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