Short Answer: No


The simple  answer is the title of this post.

Longer  answer:  Do not expect help from those whom you hate and actively seek to destroy.

Fuck ’em;  their medieval belief system, their backwards society, their honor killings and their hijabs:  fuck ’em all.

They’re savages and should be treated as such.

Needless to say, our Congress is no doubt authorizing a few billion dollars in aid, which just makes me all the more eager for November 2022.


  1. While I agree that they should not be helped, I’m not a Swamp creature playing with other people’s money and intent on insulting the people from whom I steal that money.

    So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if our Congressvermin decided that the Taliban really needs a few more billions from us.

  2. Send them some rifles and ammunition. they can have aid when the Taliban are all dangling from high places or pushed off of high places.


  3. scratch that. we sent them far more than rifles and ammunition twenty years ago. They’re on their own now. they can start with rocks, knives and such and work themselves up to stealing arms from Taliban or whatever they call themselves now.


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