1. The audience for Seth’s new performance art piece was limited only by the size of his bathroom.

  2. As seen here, American popular music neared its zenith in the early decades of the Twenty-first Century.

  3. As the bubbles melt away, Kyle’s rubber ducky drowns himself with his gurgles of life drowned out by Kyle’s atrocious guitar strumming.

  4. Darlene, can y’all bring me them there bolt croppers? Mah nails had done roughed up the wall when I been a tappin mah toes.

  5. Hearing his mom coming up the stairs, Johnny quickly found something else to strum in the bathtub.

  6. Punk just isn’t the same:

    1979: Friggin in the Riggin.

    2022: Friggin in the Bathtub.

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