“Because Nunya”

So much for that bullshit.

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not ‘a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees,’” Thomas wrote in the opinion. “The exercise of other constitutional rights does not require individuals to demonstrate to government officers some special need. The Second Amendment right to carry arms in public for self-defense is no different. New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their right to keep and bear arms in public.”

Clarence Thomas for the win.  And about time.


  1. And meanwhile the Stupid Party is blithely working to give said rights away, in the name of “bipartisanship”.

    Is it too early for Gin?

    1. I am hoping that by the time they vote on this “for realies,” most of the Republicans who voted for the procedures, will come to their senses and realize that their political gravy train will come to a crashing halt when pissed-off voters decide to vote their asses out.

      And it’s NEVER too early for gin. Or whiskey. Or both.

  2. Way too long in coming.
    Now, we can expect municipalities in NY to start restricting carry rights, just like they’ve done here in Northern VA.
    Oh yeah, ammo will become even MORE prohibitively expensive and shooting ranges will be put out of business.

    Buy ammo now.

  3. Hooray for Clarence Thomas who cites the Constitution. In dissent, Breyer ignores it and cites platitudes and statistics. There is some hope for our republic.

  4. Sadly, what this goes to show is that legislative magic can effectively suppress an enumerated right for at least 117 years until the stars and planets align properly. Many generations of Americans were born and died in that interval.

  5. The other problem is that it had to go to the Supreme’s to get handled. Thats the equivalent of the Mealie Bag wall at Rorke’s Drift. It stopped the last Zulu rush, but its not a long term confidence builder.

  6. I’ve really started to consider why on the left is violence always a function of the availability of firearms rather than a function of the increasing evil in the hearts of human beings. Of course, they can’t admit to such a reality because to admit that the increasing violence is a function of the increased evil would require them to consider if all of their so-called progress is, in fact, actual progress. Since our society has no stomach at all to do that kind of deep soul searching or introspection, we blame the gun. To me this suggests that gun control advocates are really more concerned about the number of people killed not that people got killed.

    In the end, they view these shootings as a function of the availability of the firearm because they are moral cowards too afraid to consider that for all their so-called progress all their supposed enlightenment, all they’ve really done is made it far easer for the bad side every last one of us possesses to get off the leash and do harm to those around us.

  7. This is a good win in the courts but the scoundrels in Congress are working tirelessly to undermine this. I try to avoid the tin foil head wear but could this be the reason that we have seen a perceived uptick in nutters getting violet in the past year? This decision was coming and it was very likely that it would be decided in this manner. Did the nefarious programs of the alphabet soup agencies gin up their black flag activities to mitigate any beneficial declaration or decision from SCOTUS?

    It might be too soon for champagne but which whiskey do we imbibe to celebrate this momentous victory?


    1. Might I recommend a drop of Elijah Craig bourbon. The Reverend Craig (yes you read that right) was a well known Baptist preacher in the Kentucky and Tennessee area and was called the inventor of bourbon. I can’t speak to his theology but his whiskey is pretty good and I love the idea of going back to the days before the Carrie Nation and the WCTU ruled the Baptist church.

  8. The crazies coming out are NOT part of a black flag op. We have had a dehumanizing lockdown for the better part of two years, meaning even well-adjusted people were in danger of going stir-crazy. Add to that, many, if not most states (and the FedGov?) released prisoners early, so the poor dears would not catch the WuFlu.

    Has anybody seen any analysis of what happened to crime rates as these releases happened? Don’t forget, we also had a LARGE number of SorosD***A***s start getting super squishy on prosecuting and incarcerating the idiots.

  9. sigh. Here we go again. Cities/states/feds pass 2nd Amendment restrictive laws, someones sues and it works its way through the courts until, finally, the Supreme Court strikes it down. In the meantime how many lawful gun owners will lose their property becuase of the “red flag” law that’s part of Congress’s latest gun control legislation? (We’ve all heard of local LEO’s losing or destroying weapons conficated from rightful owners while in their possesion, and owners never getting any compensation for their loss.)

    This Congresssional sack of sh*t bill is just another piece of feel good legislation to appease the prog shriekers after Uvalde and Buffalo. We’re not on a merry-go-round, we’re on a Kafkaesqe mobuis strip.

    Yep. Time to buy more ammo, and get that AR-15 I’ve been thinking about.

  10. Dear Jesus I can’t even describe how I feel. I really thought I would not live to see this day. God Bless Justce Thomas….and happy birthday !!!

  11. Do you know why we in Australia don’t have a right to bear arms in our Constitution?

    It’s because the original writers (including an American) laughed at the idea there could possibly ever be a time when Australian citizens were denied the right to own arms — they just couldn’t foresee it.

  12. The lefties will surely double down on packing the court with liberal nominees.

    1. RI just voted in 3 laws that effectively make gun owners felons with hi-cap mags (11+ rnds per). It was done in an end-around to procedure, and not the ‘law making routes’ in the State house. Many are crying foul, but the leftists hold the seats of power.

      They may pack the courts with leftie judges, and rule guns illegal, but they have to come and take them. Pretty sure it becomes a “2-way gun range” at that point – well over 90% of Sheriff’s won’t comply, and a growing list of non-city PDs are going that way too.

      And, it gives pause to why they are trying to gay the Military – many of those kids (from all indications) don’t like the way the MIL is going, and won’t comply as unconstitutional.

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