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shown by a Brit, of all people:

Lady Victoria Hervey has insisted she feels ‘safer’ when carrying a gun in ‘dangerous LA’ – and has suggested a ban on firearms would lead to a ‘genocide’ in the US.

The 45-year-old socialite and former ‘It Girl’, who is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, and has in the past shared controversial opinions, told The Mirror that while she supports stricter regulations, she doesn’t agree with at total ban.

Now the reason this titled British tart has these oh-so-horrid beliefs is that she doesn’t live in Britishland, but in Los Angeles — hence her refreshing (and no doubt well-founded) opinion.  And she’s right, of course, especially in Los Angeles, which in no way resembles even London or Manchester when it comes to serious violent crime.   But when it comes to “stricter gun regulations”, it’s hard to see how anywhere could be stricter than L.A. in that regard, so she’s of course wrong about that.

Frankly though, I’m amazed that Our Vicky can even pick up a gun, given that she’s long been the World’s Skinniest Non-Anorexic Woman Not Living In The Third World:



    1. Just one? She needs to spend some significant time at a boo-fay with pasta and fried foods.

  1. If one was to participate in some fornication with her, would you scrape your junk on bone?

  2. Her choice of swimwear makes her look retarded. Appears she has absolutely no sense of appearance with fashion. Most females have that hardwired. Exceptions to most everything, I guess.

    1. The difference between her and a counterfeit dollar bill?

      Well, one’s a phoney buck …

      1. BiWoz,
        That’s true!

        She needs far more than steak and fries. I’m thinking loaded baked potato with high fat sour cream and strips of bacon instead of bacon bits. Instead of a Ceasar salad, she needs macaroni salad.


  3. On the point of her backing stricter regulations: does she even know what they *are*, in LA?

    (I don’t, but I don’t live there.)

    I have a suspicion that the Scawy Bwack Wifle she’s holding in the first pic may violate some of the existing regs…

    1. I’m not as up on the regulations as I would like, but that handle she holds in her left hand is an illegal scary black rifle feature in California, as is the separate Pistol Grip which extends below the trigger, if the magazine in the middle is interchangeable merely by use of one’s finger pressing on a button.
      As for the diagnosis of not anorexia, are we sure? I was that thin as a high school student, but once my thyroid got sorted out, I’m as fat as any American.

  4. Good Lord! Not anorexic?!? When your upper ribs start looking like extra collar bones you need to use your gun to scare away the fatties at the trough and have a go.

  5. How is it she is lawfully ABLE to carry a handgun in Los Angeles?

    I was a reserve sheriffs’ deputy and could not get a CCW…

    1. Perhaps she applied for a Los Angeles County CCW and it was awarded to her based on her titled pedigree.

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