Taxing Gas

JHC, now I’ve seen everything.

The left-wing Labour government of Jacinda Ardern has drafted proposals to levy taxes against farmers for the methane emissions produced by cows and sheep in what would be the world’s first green tax on livestock.

Had this not been the People’s Soviet of New Zealand, I’d have suspected that the Babylon Bee  was giving us a giggle — but not even the Bee  dreamed up this one.

On a more sinister note:

The move from the socialist government comes amid a wider effort by governments and globalist institutions to push people away from meat. The United Kingdom, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has also discussed levying border taxes on meat and dairy to, they claim, fight climate change.

Institutions such as the World Economic Forum, which has long advocated for the consumption of bugs, recently called for the widespread adoption of veganism and the eating of “climate beneficial foods” such as seaweed and algae.

Had I not just finished my morning breakfast of boerewors and eggs, I’d be tempted to cook a steak, or even one of these:

That can wait till tomorrow, I think.  And one of New Wife’s exquisite steak ‘n mushroom pies for Sunday lunch or dinner.

I’m just doing my bit in the fight against Communism.


  1. These people are utterly insane. I don’t care if someone wants to become a vegan or not but forcing people to agree with you is insidious


  2. Cripes. What do they think populated the plains of mid-America before cows? Buffalo!! In VAST herds. Gosh, do you think they pooped? Was there methane in their poop?

    You don’t have to be an idiot to be a greenie, but . . . well, uh, well, yes you do. You have to be an idiot.

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