1. After several years of indecision, it was then that Tammy decided to become a Republican.

  2. After her stint in the porn industry, Bambi was always up for taking the “African experience” to the next level.

  3. Jeff Epstein has been reincarnated as an elephant

    The local zoo announces the results of the “Name the Baby Elephant Contest.” Please welcome Biden to the local zoo!

    Local elephant finds Caitlyn Jenner’s peanut.

  4. Just pay the $10 for a bag, he said…..smuggling peanuts into the zoo just ain’t worth it, he said…..

  5. It’s a new musical instrument, Timba. You just blow in there, and the music comes out at the top!

  6. With mere moments before the arrival of the rest of the fellows, Cindi (with a pair of hearts capping her ‘i’s) practiced loosening her oral recreation zone in anticipation of ‘a great time’ to be had by all!

  7. Cindi discovered that apparently elephants have a very different way of determining the quality of another’s junk in the trunk.

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