1. Any guy who willingly fucks Joy Behar, or many of the liberal nut case women for that matter – must have a grudge against their pecker.

    Liberal women (Disgusting and Crazy)

    – AOC
    – Nancy Pelosi
    – Diane Feinstein
    – Kamala Harris

    Republican women (HOT)

    – Kayleigh McEnany
    – Sarah Palin
    – Kristi Noem
    – Marsha Blackburn

  2. Liberal Women Threatening A Sex Boycott Over Abortion Issue = Empty threat. 😀

  3. Not the proper place but I could not get your email address to work.
    I don’t know it you have covered this yet, but last month john Ross passed away. His novel Unintended Consequences should be required reading for every gun owner, alas it can be very difficult to locate a copy.
    Deemed too controversial when it was released it even got the author an investigation by the FBI at one point (they tried to get his wife to give some incriminating evidence during a divorce)
    It would likely appeal to your scores of followers too.

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