Ammo Deal

To all my North Texas Readers who shoot and / or reload .308 Win:

I have 10 boxes of new PMC Bronze 147gr FMJ I want to trade for 5 boxes of premium target ammo — either handloaded by yourself (ergo no commercial reloads) or else new manufacturers’ stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with the PMC — it can and did get ten clangs out of ten shots on the metal poppers and silhouettes, and would work just fine out of your AR-10 or FN-FAL — but for me to do a proper job at Boomershoot, I need premium ammo.  SO:

For the reloaders:  bullet weight is unimportant as long as they’re all the same — preferably 155-168gr, and ditto the primers (same batch).

If you don’t reload, but would like to trade for branded cartridges, then I’d prefer any of the following:

Federal GM308M3 Gold Medal .308 Win 155 gr Sierra MatchKing BTHP
Norma Golden Target .308 Win Match 168 Grain HPBT
Hornady Match .308 Win 168 Gr. HPBT
Other brands, if recommended by yourself, will be considered.

If the batch number matches across all five boxes, so much the better.

Please let me know by email if you’re interested.  Of course, this is for the next ULD rifle…