Bravo, Scuderia

As it should:

Ferrari’s first SUV will have a roaring 12-cylinder engine rather than a greener eco-friendly powerplant, one  of the bosses at the iconic Italian car company has said this week.

The eagerly-anticipated Purosangue sport utility vehicle is set to be unveiled this year, with most expecting it to have either a V8 motor or use the V6 plug-in hybrid powertrain debuted in the recent 296 GTB.

However, Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari chief executive, told Reuters on Wednesday: ‘We’ve tested several options, it was clear that the V12, for the performance and driving experience it could provide, was the right option for the market.’

Take that, Green assholes.



  1. This is exactly what is needed. An inexpensive future source of Ferrari V12 engines.

  2. Bill Harrah the Las Vegas hotelier, put a Ferrari engine in a Jeep Wagoneer in the 60s, as I recall. He even modified the front to make it look like a Ferrari. I will see if I can find the Road and Track edition that featured it. There are a lot of people with a lot of money, so I reckon they will sell them all.

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