Recalibration Necessary

Good grief.  In talking about some shady assholes who have been bribing SecServ agents, we find this laughable part:

Second, they were heavily armed:

[F]irearms and ammunition were seized. Specifically, a Glock 19 9mm handgun loaded with 17 rounds of ammunition, including one in the chamber, seven rounds of .308 caliber ammunition, and an ammunition box with over 35 rounds of handgun ammunition…
Law enforcement also seized firearm components typically used with long guns or assault rifles including, among other things: (1) a firearm barrel of an unknown caliber; (2) weapon stock attachments1; (3) foregrips2; (4) pistol grips; (5) a magazine cartridge; and (5) scope(s). In addition, law enforcement recovered a spotting scope, which can be used in a sniper/spotter team.
law enforcement seized a Sig Sauer P229 with five fully loaded magazines, containing a total of 61 rounds.

Heavily armed?

Lemme see… in my immediate reach as I sit here in my armchair, I have a 1911 with one loaded mag in the gun, one round in the pipe and another three mags next to it  (33 rounds), and a S&W 637 with a loaded cylinder and two speedloaders (15 rounds).

Five steps away in one direction will get me to a pump shotgun (5 rounds) and an AK-47 (60 rounds in three mags), as well as to a loaded Browning High Power and four spare mags (46 rounds).  Don’t ask what happens if I manage to open Safe #1.

Five steps in the other direction (I live in a small apartment) is a little less promising, with only a loaded S&W .357 Mag revolver (Ye Olde Beddesyde Gunne) with four speedloaders (30 rounds total).

And by the way:  seven whole rounds of .308 Win, and three dozen handgun rounds in an ammo can?  My God, it’s… an arsenal!

Which leads me to the contents of Ye Olde Ammoe Locquere, which are nunya, but I can assure you that it contains a little bit more than three dozen rounds.  (Even after Doc Russia and Mr. Free Market tried manfully to deplete my supplies a couple weeks back…)

Finally, I have more gun-related stuff in any one of my “Gun Junk” trunks than these mopes have.  Including spotter scopes, bipods, grips, stocks and rifle scopes.  And bayonets, too.

I don’t own any brass knuckles, because I prefer sap gloves.

Good thing I’m not working for Iran and bribing Secret Service agents, then.


  1. I’m about as heavily armed as those guys, and that’s just counting the “desk gun,” my little M&P Shield 9mm, along with the magazines and spare ammo in the drawer right next to me.

  2. “Heavily armed”. You keep using that term. I do not think that it means what you think it means

    -Inigo Montoya

    1. Remember when Max checked in his pistols in order to enter the Thunderdome community?

      1. Even after watching “Josie Wales” multiple times, I can’t remember how many guns he used in that early combat scene.

  3. As I sit here in my office chair, within 10 feet of me…

    3000 rounds of 5.56 loaded in mags and two rifles

    160 rounds of 9mm HST for the Scorpion (five 32 round mags)

    Nine rounds of 00 buckshot in the gun and seven more in a side saddle on a Beretta 1301

    And that’s without opening the safe.

  4. Arsenal, huh.

    As I sit here in my office, I have a 9mm pistol sitting on my hip, 8 1 (and of course there is one in the pipe). And I don’t particularly conceal it.

    But this is work.

    Home? Well, right now there are grandkids underfoot, so pretty much everything’s in the safe. Ammo? 10,000 rounds, everything from .22 to 8mm Mauser.

    The fact is that most of the left – or simply middle of the road people not paying attention – would piss their pants if they had any idea just how well armed much of middle America is. I have almost 60 items in the safe, with ammo for each and every one. Some only a hundred rounds or so (much of it’s hard to find and pricy – go try to buy 7.7 Jap at your local arms dealer), others in the thousands. And I am far from unique. I get the impression many of your readers, Kim, perhaps most, have more. And most of mine are honest to God “weapons of war” (the real thing, not the over the counter AR) in real “high power” cartridges like 30-06, .303, or 8mm Mauser.

    Of course, we’re set with the ARs too, and I keep an AK around just for you, Kim. BTW – ATF finally got its shit together, and the suppressor is now up and quieting.

    So yea, spare me the fainting over a few dozen rounds.

  5. I was thinking the same thing about weapons near to hand this morning – within reach in front of me is a P38/P1 in a Bundeswehr approved holster with a full spare mag.
    Down the hall a ways, well, no point in making an itemized list is there, but there’s more ammo consuming critters and their feed.

    The .308 makes me chuckle – what were they going to do, try and jam one into the Glock? Will that even fit the ejection port? Really it’s too stupid for me to test.
    Seven whole rounds huh? They must be planning on following high cap mag restrictions if they ever get a weapon that can chamber the .308.

    My God, didn’t they even have a machete?!!!!!
    No, obviously not, the excited headline would have included that.
    Did they find any Ghost Guns? OMG, which, if you didn’t notice, caused the assholes at ATF to admit in one statement the other day that the serial number registry is actually an owner registry. Now who would have ever guessed that such an illegal thing was in place given the FOPA supposedly “makes it illegal” to do so.

    I laugh madly to think what they’d publish about me – no doubt that I had a standing army stashed somewhere in a secret room in the house which hasn’t been uncovered yet.

    But you people give me comfort, here I was thinking I was kind of looney to have this much firepower handy when the Comanche haven’t launched any raids in over 145 years.

    I know! We’re collecting it all to keep it in safe hands until Beatle O’Rourke becomes Governor and comes to get it all!
    Yeah, right, that’s it, that’s it exactly.

    1. “…They must be planning on following high cap mag restrictions if they ever get a weapon that can chamber the .308…”

      Perhaps they have a Springfield-Armory SA-1 squirrelled away.

  6. I can only think of one caliber I have that I’m “short on” and that’s 450 Bushmaster. I only have about 780 rounds. Of course, I can only shoot 10-12 rounds before I have to take a couple of Motrin and a nap, but still, I’d feel a little better with my personally imposed 1,000 round minimum on board.

    I got 3000 rounds of 22 magnum last year for .10/round, and at the time, I didn’t even own a gun in 22 magnum. Now I have 3. I’m a problem solver that way.

  7. Heh. In my safe less than 10 feet away from me, I have 2 handguns, 2 ARs, several thousand rounds each of 5.56/.223 and 9mm, “only” a few hundred rounds of .45 Auto (because good luck finding that anywhere these days), and maybe about 1k of .22LR (which is currently useless because I haven’t finished putting together my 10/22 yet: Brownells needs to hurry up and do another run of BRN-22 Takedown receivers).

    Pretty sure whoever wrote that article would die of fright if they knew about all that.

    1. Good thing you don’t live in Texas, because it’s against state law not to have a working .22 rifle, and so little .22 ammo in your house.

      1. In my “defense,” I’ve only been stocking up on .22LR for the past few months, because naturally I start putting together a rifle in a new caliber in the middle of the worst ammo drought in history.

        No defense on not owning a working .22 yet. Should’ve bought one years ago. Curse my multiple expensive hobbies on too small a paycheck…

  8. Off Topic:
    I just received an email that Nigella Lawson is going to appear in Houston.
    Tickets not yet on sale to the general public.
    Thought you’d like to know, Kim.

    An Evening with Nigella Lawson
    November 27, 2022
    Cullen Theater, Wortham Center
    Nigella Lawson is an internationally renowned food writer and TV cook whose successful television programs have made her a household name around the world.

    1. I have a feeling their “Evening with Nigella Lawson” is different than the one Mr Kim might have in mind.

      Just guessin.

        1. Not that I’d blame you at all for that, I mean, I’ve seen her pictures.
          And she cooks really well too, that could come in handy at breakfast.

  9. My son is moving and up here in Canada movers will not move either guns or ammo.

    The son was here on the weekend having asked me if he could store his stuff in my gun safes and garage. He brought 750 pounds of ammo. I’ve got about the same. I weighed it all because I was curious and there were weight warnings on my shelving.

    1. I never let movers anywhere near my guns or ammo. I even move my safes myself so that they don’t know I have them.

      Movers are the source for almost half of all burglaries.

  10. Great thread. Within reach in office, kitchen, bedroom, not sayin. Under bed pistol safe, not sayin. Bookshelf hidey living room, not sayin. Gun safe #1, as you say, nunya. Gun safe #2, ditto. Basement ammo ready to go,ditto. Five, 5 gallon construction buckets of once fired LC 5.56 brass, check. Powder for same. Check. Boolits for same, check. Primers for same, chekity check check. Started that whole thing when I thought Hildebeast was gonna win.

    Let’s just say when my Democrat sister visited for my son’s wedding and got a tour of the basement reloading area, she pissed herself AND feinted. Nuff said.

    I’m good.

    God I miss The American Rifleman, Kim. Sigh.

    1. No, six. Six 5 gallon construction buckets of once fired 5.56. I goofed. We’re good here, thanks.

  11. I’ve got more 8mm Gasser than those clowns. When they do my junk on a bunk, they’re gonna need a bigger table. Putin’s might be big enough.

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