1. Yechhh! What a thing to do to a 1955 or ’56 Jaguar. At least they didn’t do it to a real ’54 Jag which would have been the far more elegant XK 120.

  2. I decided it pissed me off with the usual know nothing green bullshit of wrecking a pretty car to, how was it said, roughly, “replace an engine that pollutes our atmosphere” with technology that pollutes our atmosphere and/or environment at the power source so pretentious know nothing asshats can feel morally superior.

    I mean who’s not in favor of square miles of solar fields, or the attractive whumping of wind turbines, half of which seem to be off line, sprouting up in the backyard of people who live in Nowheresville so virtuous city dwelling twits can drive their electric car to the office “without polluting”.

    Mining, drilling, etc, all effects the environment, which applies to my combustion engine of course, but I can’t abide these pin heads who think their ridiculously priced electric toys are somehow magically disconnected (no pun intended) from all that.

    Superior morons.

  3. Title of post says it all. There is no other word for it than “Ugh”.

    Now if that XK140 had been restored to original, with a straight 6 and triple SU carburettors, I would have supported their choice of vehicle wholeheartedly.

    The article bit on copying ginger and ho(memaker) wedding, just fluff for the sheeple. And daddy Beckam can spend his money any way he wants, not my concern other than the ruination of a perfectly beautiful car. Oh, give it about 18 months until the spawn breaks up with the eye candy.

  4. Wuda been a nice car if it had a good engine and mechanicals in it, (and NO Lucas wiring), electric version feh! (Someone was wearing unmissable pink trousers, which says a lot to me).

  5. And the prize, grand prize, for the most expensive golf cart goes to, , , , a rich spoiled kid dumbass !

  6. I wish I had a billionaire father-in-law.
    I also wish I had a ‘lavish brunch’ to ‘whisk’ to.
    But the part about ’emulating’ harry/merkle…
    … not so much.

  7. I read in the Times today that such ‘restorations’ are the in thing in Hollywood.

  8. I don’t hate electric cars as a recreational concept. They’re stupid fast.

    I do hate how we suddenly have to ditch the combustion engine in favor of the stupid things.

    As to the toy in the OP. Meh, don’t care. Dumb virtue signaling at worst. It’s not like they committed any real crimes against actual mechanical engineering. Gods know the EV version is more reliable and faster. It was never about practicality so who cares?

  9. And after all that, nothing changes the fact that Beckham still sounds like the Geico gecko whenever he opens his mouth.

  10. UGH is right. She looks hot, but…. Who the fuck would name their male child Brooklyn (he needs a man bun)? And ruin a beautiful car. Fucking disgusting.

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