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kinda out of the frying pan and onto the gas ring, innit?

thus preparing the ground for the announcement of his “sudden” death, of course, because news of his “suicide” might not be believed.

I’ll buy “faster”, because they’d want to get away from that horrible noise as quickly as possible.

I’d prefer total dissolution, but I’ll settle for a policy that bans use of the anagram “CDC” in favor of “Centers For DISEASE CONTROL” [sic] in all press releases, communications and letterheads.

as they should have.  At age 93, you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want without a bunch of nanny doctors scolding you.

Trump blamed.

thus guaranteeing a flood of said freaks rushing to live in Palm Springs.  Good Put ’em all in one place, which will make life easier for the rest of us.

glug, glug

Ferrari 488 owner crashes his brand new
supercar on the same day he bought it
…now that’s just tragic, I don’t care what you say.

and how would a cheaper wedding have helped with the war and economic crisis?  Fucking idiots.

Train Smash Watch

any moment now

which might explain Dennis Rodman, amongst others.

damn, that’s a novel excuse.

And now, esse  INSIGNIFICA:


And (with vomit-inducing link, NSFW):

quelle surprise.

And to expunge the above from your systems, here’s Kelly Brook in a bikini:

Some unknown totty in a see-through blouse:

And finally, the ONE decent-looking woman at Aintree last week, Claire Sweeney:

Now get on with it.


  1. The retard with all the tatts:
    “The 28-year-old pizza restaurant worker…”
    It’ll STILL be working at a pizza joint when it is 58 years old too.
    I wouldn’t eat food touched by that degenerate.

  2. At my 1st radio gig the control room & production room were directly opposite one another, separated by a paper thin wall. We had this ungodly noon news block that included an obituary segment. The obits were preceded by a produced intro: “Today’s announcements are brought to you by Meyer Funeral home, offering caring and compassionate care during your most challenging times…” then I’d crack the mic & read the obits.

    Another jock was in the production room making a copy of his Highway To Hell album. The instant I opened the mic to read the obits he cranked the production room monitor & blasted the hook: HIGHWAAAYYY TO HELL!!! I couldn’t have spliced it any tighter. It was glorious.

  3. Oh, don’t worry about Slow Joe getting the Rona; he’s been vaxxed and boosted, right?

    But having him check out with the Rona would be quicker and more dignified than 25th-ing him and Dems wouldn’t have to vote on it.

  4. In re: June Brown.

    Didn’t know who she was until this morning, but love folks that give the F U to the “it’s for your own good” crowd. But reading the article illustrates a trend that makes me blind with rage. “She was a deeply spiritual person.” No she wasn’t, she was a practicing Christian. I don’t know when the belief system adopted by a good portion of the world has to be bowdlerized to make it sound like Tantric yoga. GFY.

    1. Aleister Crowley was a deeply spiritual person, too, for some values of spiritual.
      Merely calling June Brown deeply spiritual, as you imply, gives her short shrift, ignoring how she was similar to and different from other “deeply spiritual” persons, and even most nominal Christians. Our leftist media hate those sorts of vital distinctions.

      1. Its “Don’t say the C- word” to the leftist mob.

        I remember a few years ago when some Muslim assholes shot up a gathering of Christians over Easter. The universal description was “Easter Worshippers”.

        Again. GFY.

  5. So, Carrie Hope Fletcher is all messed up because of a scene where she was getting paid to play pretend?
    Doubtless these were the same people that when they weren’t doing the wicked Stepsister scenes, she was sitting with off camera making jokes or whatever crazy actresses do when the camera isn’t on them and they have to act normal.
    She would have never survived, say, the TV series, Bewitched, where Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, was continually insulting “Derwood”, played by Dick York. The two were close friends off set.

  6. The fox that bit the congress critter was reportedly rabid. Can we breed more, and maybe add some raccoons and skunks to the program?

    1. I like where your mind is at on this. Maybe turn a few loose in the halls of the bureaucracy too.

  7. The Beckhams’ shinding: I wonder how much much-needed employment it provided? The chefs, the waiters, the cooks, the farmers, the truckers. The painters. The carpenters. The decorators. The florists. The flower-growers. The gardeners. The sound technicians. The lighting technicians. Lots of people earning their crust. And let’s not forget the photographers.

  8. RE a certain Ms. Spears. Having worked in railroading, there are many different types of train smashes. There’s the basic derailment, a split-the-switch crash, the classic washout, and then sometimes you get a runaway that flies off the rails and goes all over the front page. That last is Spears.

    But then there’s the head-on smash with multiple trains, all loaded with hazmat, and this is what was unveiled today, when it was announced that Spears got knocked up and is evidently intending to spawn. Heaven help us all.

  9. Ferrari 488 owner crashes his brand new
    supercar on the same day he bought it
    …now that’s just tragic, I don’t care what you say.

    That and the sheer level of stupidity of some of the wealthy, no – strike that, 99.99% of the wealthy.

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