Sad Comparison

At some show called the SAG Awards (I don’t know what it means, either), there was this little parade, wherein some actresses showed off their (sorta-)cleavages.

The magnificent Salma, however, had no need to do so, and didn’t — probably out of kindness to the flat-chested.

Incidentally:  am I the only one who thinks that Lady Gaga (1st left) looks better inside one of her grotesque face masks?


  1. SAG – Screen Actors Guild Not quite a Union, Not quite a Social Club.

    Just another excuse to ramp up the Hollywood Publicly Machine, dress up in ridiculously expensive dresses that no one actually buys, and hand out meaningless awards to good looking people who main talent is their ability recite what other people wrote.

  2. Lady Gaga is not a beautiful woman. She’s not even OK.

    Same thing happened with KISS – FFS put the makeup or mask back on. It helped.

  3. Poor Salma. Sometime in the past two years she hit the age wall that so many Mexican women hit and now she looks more like my cleaning lady than the voluptuous beauty of her youth.
    Gaga is no great beauty, but she can sing a little and she makes the best of what she has.
    Cate Blanchett is quite a good actress and has chameleon looks that allow her to fit into many different roles.
    I don’t know who that person in the yellow is, but she needs to do more curls.

    1. Errr that’s my stalking object girlfriend you’re talking about there…

      1. What is it the say, live not by illusions. So many of the stunning beauties of just a few years ago … Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman* … have slipped past their peaks. That may be why there is more satisfaction in recalling the ones of our youth … Ava Gardner, Donna Reed, Grace Kelly. They’re not around to remind us that they (and we) are still aging.

        * Yeah, I like athletic framed 6 footers. Ya got a problem with that?

  4. The only one there worth looking at twice is Hayek. she’s also the only one even remotely dressed attractively


  5. I’m shaking my head here. If a woman doesn’t have a large bustline, a plunging decolletage will do her no good…and should be avoided in favor of a short skirt or a high slit. If you’ve got the ballerina build, play THAT up.

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