Gratuitous Gun Pic: Krieghoff Custom 98 (9.3x62mm Mauser)

This might just be the nicest thing you see all day (right-click to embiggen):

And a close-up of the action:

About its chambering:  I wrote about the 9.3x62mm “Wondernine” back here, and make no mistake, it’s an excellent cartridge.

As for the rifle itself… phew.  I know it’s spendy — quality custom rifles always are — but oh man, it’s beautiful.


  1. Kim, would that be “enough gun” for a big-game hunting trip to The Dark Continent? Even if not, it sure is purty lookin’.

    1. Oh hell, yes. Ballistically, it gives up only a smidgen to the .375 H&H Mag. It was the first “Africa” cartridge, and in East Africa, it still runs neck and neck with the H&H in terms of popularity.

  2. Concur, Kim. Beautiful engraving job. Nice hog-back stock which I’ve only seen on CZ rifles. Interesting scope mounting method, although I’d be concerned about the height over bore dimension. Dual set triggers? Oh yeah. For some reason this cartridge hasn’t developed much of a following here in the states. Price isn’t really outrageous given what you’re getting. I spent almost that much on a custom .375 H&H Mag from the (now defunct) Montana Rifle Co., but I’m a left-handed shooter and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried to find dangerous game rifles for lefties! Hen’s teeth are a common commodity by comparison.

    1. @BEL,
      Greetings from a former MA-hole. I used to live in the greater-Lowell region, just south of Nashua, about 10 mins from Pheasant Lane mall. Jumped from the frying pan (MA) into the fire (IL) back in the summer of 2015 … because reasons. Hopefully you can escape to a freer place.
      – Brad

      1. As we speak, working on it. Hoping to move to either northern NH (north of Concord) or AL in the next year or so. AL is looking pretty good with the CMP range complex.

        1. @BEL,
          I’ve got a buddy here in greater Shitcongo who’s got ties to AL. He’s shot at the CMP range in Anniston and cannot say enough good things about the place. One trip down there he came home with a hand-picked CMP Garand. I don’t recall which manufacturer, but the gun is WW2 issue, built I believe in 1943, and all the parts / serial numbers match up, so definitely NOT a mix-master. Anyway .. good luck escaping The Peoples’ Soviet of Maura Healey, et., al. I’ll tell our own JB “Toilet Yanker” Pritzker to not expect your arrival.
          – Brad

    1. The front trigger operates normally with a pull of about 3 to 4 lbs. Pull the rear trigger back until it clicks and the front trigger pull is reduced to mere ounces.

    1. Same here. Those claw mounts always put the scope too close to the eye, in my experience. And with a magnumthumpenblitzenboomer like the 9.3x62mm…

  3. Beautiful rifle. In keeping with its big-game heritage, the stock is designed for use with the iron sights. Not only is the scope too far back, but if you try to sight with it you’ll have your chin, not your cheek, on the comb of the stock.

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