1. Am I the only one who wants to see the US out of that damn morass called “NATO”?

    Germany has a plan. A plan to get 100% of its energy from renewables by 2035.

    People this unserious are a pure liability.

    1. Let ’em live with the consequences they vote for.
      While we’re at it, US payments to UN proportional to our vote – what – 1/189 or thereabouts?
      Otherwise, US out of UN.
      Either way, throw the UN out of New York. They can meet at some wadi in Chad or Rwanda. Plenty of free parking there.

      1. as far as I can tell, based on our contributions to date, we are already paid up until 2379


  2. Europe has lived off of American strength and military spending for decades. The problem is that if the US pulls back from its role in world affairs, that vacuum isn’t going to be filled by any country with any moral fiber. Europe has removed itself after WW2 from the role of dominant military force. They turned their spending into failed social programs and such. The show little interest in retaking the responsibility.

    The void will be filled by Russia and Communist China. We’re seeing Russia’s ambitions play out in the Ukraine right now. China has been building up in the pacific rim by building up islands on various reefs, expanding into Africa and threatening Taiwan and Japan. No one in their right mind could possibly think that a weakened United States and strong Russia and China are good for the world.


    1. Then reprioritize:

      1) our goals
      2) our desires
      3) our whims
      4) Europe

      They chose to be camp followers.

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