1. Putin has discovered that Ukraine is not like Iraq ( or Poland or Czechoslovakia ) as he expected. So far my favorite has been the Zalenskyy’s response to Biden when offered and evac plan. ” I need more ammo – not a ride.” Biden would have taken the ride.

    1. Only if it was a ride to the ice-cream parlor.
      Now, Dr. Jill, she’d want 1st-class to Tahiti.

      1. Can we dress her up like Austrian Emperor Franz Josef’s Empress Sisi and send her to Geneva? It’s a neutral country. Nothing more need be done, Nature will take its course.

  2. The worst part of this mess is the missed opportunity.
    Imagine if after the fall of the wall whe ad actually welcomed the Russian.
    Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural.
    + the Anglosphere ( USA / GB /CAN /AUS /NZ )
    +The ” occidentalized “Asia ( Japan/ S Koréa/ Taiwan )
    + India ( Because WTF not )
    Comrade Xi could go suck D… all day long for the good it would give him.

    1. This so much. Our foreign policy towards Russia for the last 3 decades has been unforgivably bad. The people running things in the West never forgave them for giving up on communism, and now loathe them for being nationalistic instead of letting their country be ruled by globalists who hate Russians (and Americans).

      We could have at least left them alone but the Bidens and McCains need to a place to loot – hence the 2014 coup in the Ukraine that led to all this mess.

    2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Still, it will help us do the right thing next time.

  3. I hope the Ukrainians succeed in defending their country. Wasn’t the CIA founded to gather foreign intelligence and to support clandestine wars so the government could officially remain neutral?


  4. I am extremely skeptical of all news coming out of there. It’s spun so hard with an anti-Russia twist I don’t believe any of it. Even this picture – the Ukrainian Army has over 300 T-80’s – is the burning one Russian or Ukrainian? I’m supposed to believe the news that has been lying to me non-stop for years?

    1. Are the Ukraine T-80’s equipped with a “bounce-mat” for the anticipated Molotov-cocktails? That burning hulk is so equipped.

  5. Putin needs to remember the lessons of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria: the aggressor needs to win but the defender only needs to survive.

  6. It’s a shame we can’t get your buddy Doc Russia to weigh in on this. He probably has very good insights into things. However he probably also has a real job, and his ammo stash is not going to shoot itself, so why would he even bother.

  7. Although Vladimir Putin may be the most competent, intelligent, and committed national leader in the world (which is faint praise indeed,) he still is totally dependent for information and execution on… Russians.

    1. Kind of like my schoolteachers back in the day. None of them were great, just varying levels of incompetence. Of course the raw material they had to work with may have been substandard too.

      1. When even the T90 (a product improved T72) is vulnerable to a $50k ATGM, they haven’t much of a chance. And we’ll see how many Armata T-14 tanks Russia decides to field, and how well they do IRL.

  8. My cousin the Army tanker, currently sitting in Lithuana on the Belorussian border, says every Javelin round costs $80,000. A little something in there for Raytheon or whoever makes it.

    1. A steal compared to the cost of a main battle tank…
      Of course it is a price that makes you think twice about practicing with them, which could be a real problem.

      Batches of Panzerfaust 3 launchers and rockets going out to the front, if they can get them there from the Netherlands and Germany. Unguided, but a darn sight better than the old LAW.

  9. That’s a hard and permanent way to learn that metal caging only works for RPG’s and not Javelins.

      1. delayed action fusing. It goes right through the wire mesh without detonating.

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