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And guaranteed to make you do just that is this little snippet:

and these little shits should all be taken out and “shot” in the back of the head.

you mean, other than the fact that it’s in New York?  And speaking of which:

too bad you didn’t see this coming two years ago, assholes.

LOL they’ve finally figured out that KiwiPM Lesbo One is evil?

here we go again:


Lesh get back to da nooj, shall we?

I should damn well hope so.

key word:  Australia.  Follow link at own risk.

good.  Can we start sending them there now?

the Democrats that you voted for, that is.

And heeeeeere’s INSIGNIFICA:


wait:  people can’t pronounce S-L-U-T?  Still, I suppose this is as good an excuse as any:


Still a Train Smash Woman, bless her little ginger heart…


  1. Bah …. No pictures of Gracie as a Tic Tok star…. Just photos of her in a Bulky Drivers suit. Just another Oz car girl who’s discovered once again that the only way to make a small fortune as a race car driver is to start with a large fortune.

    1. Well, there’s always long pig on the menu. With that many obnoxious vegans around, you’d have to do something more than just compost them. Maybe smuggle some piglets in?

  2. Lohan is easy on the eyes but she is far on the wrong side of the Crazy-Hot Matrix.

    No meat on Mars? ok now let’s start shipping our militant vegans immediately. They can build a habitat or not.

    New Yorker’s sour on Biden? I doubt they could sour enough. New York especially the city gets every bit of misery they get because it is mostly self inflicted. It’s a shame that their bad decisions effect normal thinking people.


  3. The Lohan. My smart brain says “not with your dick.” My other brain says, “yes, please.” I might also have to admit (although I would deny it under oath) that it’s been that way since before it was legal to even think those thoughts. What is it about the girl?

  4. Alright I’m old enough to know her name but also old enough to have forgotten it. who is the hot, naked blonde on her knees….. I can think is it the Bond girl from gold finger????

  5. I, unfortunately, clicked on the UK Sun link to see the driver turned porn actress.
    Holy crap on a cracker! A big, fat ass and way too much ink.

  6. ” . . . where people will live in glass domes and grow their own food in solar-powered hydroponic farms.”

    Um, aren’t ALL farms solar-powered? And isn’t “grow their own food” the whole point of farms? I suspect that this Daily Mail journalist has never set foot outside the M25 Motorway, and has only the vaguest idea of how agriculture works.

  7. Just to keep the record straight, the New Zealand PM may be many things (“Whoa, Trigger!”), but I don’t believe she’s a lesbian. If she is, I’m sure her husband-to-be and child will be most surprised.

  8. Vegan Mars?!?! Don’t believe a word of it. Someone will import chickens & cows first, and feed them what the vegans eat. Then let the breeding for the best Martian stock begin! We’ll figure it out. It might be a number of years before the first Mars Burger opens up, but we’ll get there. I figure the wealthy will eat the best home grown stuff, and the rest may subsist on vat grown meat (shudder!) at first, but there won’t be a vegan only Mars. No F’ing way.

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