Not Another One

Ah, jeez… just when I thought I’d seen everything I wanted to see about old guns (thankee Othias/Mae at C&Rsenal, and Ian McCollum on “Forgotten” Weapons), I came across 9-Hole Reviews

…and good-bye to the rest of my so-called free time.

My favorite so far:  the K98 and the K98 mounted with what Gun Jesus calls “the worst German sniper scope of WWII” (or something like that).  Of course, in the hands of a decent (!) rifleman with good eyes, it’s pretty damn good.  Note how his accuracy improves over iron sights, with a simple 1.5x scope and a German #4 post reticle.

No need to thank me — or curse me, for that matter — it’s all part of the service.


  1. Calling Henry a “decent” marksman is a strong contender for “understatement of the year”, and its only February.

  2. Yeah he’s something else. I fell in love with the pair when his spotter made a comment about “rooftop Koreans ” to which Henry’s reply was “I’m a platform Chinaman”. Well played sir.

  3. The pace at 9-hole has slowed somewhat in the last few months, but it’s always brilliant work. Spotter guy, whose name I can never remember, is no slouch either, but he shines in other areas. Henry on the platform is definitely the centerpiece of the channel. All from an “undisclosed private range” here in South Texas.

    If you were unaware of 9-Hole, perhaps you are also unaware of InRange as well? Karl at InRange and Ian and Henry and the C&R kids all seem to be buddies, each with a slightly different niche. Then there is Honest Outlaw who has ALL the guns.

  4. I watched a video by 9 Hole Reviews on the M1a set up as a M24. It was interesting but didn’t tell me much.


  5. yep, well down this black hole. I watched several of their videos and I appreciate their brevity and commentary. I suppose if I want detailed history and minutia, I should supplement this with Gun Jesus’s Forgotten weapons videos.

    I’ve also liked Paul Herrel’s videos. GunBlue490 is interesting but his videos are loooooong. Ron Spomer Outdoors is pretty good but focused on hunting rifles.

    Thanks for another video to get hooked on.


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