So Much For That

New Wife just came out from an Omigodicron episode.  As she described it:  “Three days of a bad flu”, and I knew she was better on Day 4 when she did the washing and ironing, and made me clean the kitchen floor and take out the trash.

Of course, she had the Covid vaccine in December (as did I), so there we go.

And despite us living together, sleeping together and all that stuff, I haven’t got sick (so far).


Update:  Just had a chat with Doc Russia.  Apparently he’s recently diagnosed scores of patients with Covid at his ER, but hasn’t had to admit a single one.


  1. I had what is probably the Omnicold last week.

    Roughly 24 hours of feeling like crap with a 100+ fever, a few more days of fever, and so far a bit over a week of irritated lungs.

  2. I hope they’re all feeling better soon.

    So you get vaxxed yet you can still contract the disease. hhmmmm


  3. I am doing a first class job of being a hermit and my wife has been home with me most of the time however she does some book keeping and she is working with other folks this afternoon. It seems as if a lot of our friends are coming down with the new flu, my closest friend from forever and shooting buddy since he moved from Washington State to our part Texas has been careful however his wife got the bug last week and he came down with it yesterday. His description of the New Kung Foo is a headache and crummy feeling, not near as bad as some of his hangovers and after one day being down he was outside doing light yard work today. I suspect it will get to all of us and hopefully it will be mild and gentle and give us immunity for all the Bat Soup Shit, I don’t know. Some people get the crap and are asymptomatic but then show up as having auntie bodies, hope that’s the case with Kim.

    1. It is most notable that the regime is now announcing cases , which as someone elsewhere on the Internet pointed out that now means individuals diagnosed with the Corona Virus rather than as previously was the standard, individuals with the Corona Virus admitted to the hospital . What they are no longer announcing is numbers hospitalized or numbers who died as a result of the Corona Virus. My brother, his wife, and son all had the Corona Virus between Christmas and New Years, with as expected a fast turn-around for their son (except for scaring him that he was going to die), and a longer course for the parents. Because the son was tested positive, that’s one “case”. As Benjamin Disraeli and others have said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  4. The question I’ve been asking is that if we didn’t have this hysteria and panic-testing, Would you have thought anything of it this time of year?

    My old lady gets some sort of flu like thing that kicks her on her ass for a week every year. Sometimes twice. Last year, and a few weeks ago, she ran out to get tested only to find it was a sinus infection, or the flu, or who knows what.

    I know a lot of geezers, in all sorts of shape, that have gotten it in the last month or so and shrugged it off in a few days. I know a younger healthy dude (40s?) and an older, healthy, retired doc that are being curb-stomped by it.

    So in all this time, First hand, I know a grand total of two that have suffered, and probably two dozen that it wasn’t even a bad cold.

    If they hadn’t created a panic, we’d think nothing of it. Bad flu year, we’d think.

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