News Roundup

With commentary so acidic, you need an alkali chaser after reading it.

if we pay the Russkis a few grand each for their trouble, can we send them our child molesters too?

never mind that sill old Constit… Consist… you know, the thing.

now that’s a Jan 6 insurrection, Lefties.  Somehow, our guys missed beheadings.

…because a month without booze is like sending a eunuch to an orgy:  a pointless gesture.

well, if they’re all like Elizabeth Warren and AOC, hardly surprising.

and CTRL-F shows no mention of Chinese cities in the article.  Strange

and your company is just the one to sell us that vaccine, right?

those nasty old German Nazis having been so much in favor of an armed citizenry, of course.

And now, for the first time, the 2022 Train Smash Chronicles:

leading to:

getting warmer:

let the Train Smash begin !!!!!!

From the Dept. Of Covidiocy:


And ’tis now time for INSIGNIFICA:

see the above “eunuch at an orgy” comment re: alcohol-free gin.

technically speaking, all ejaculations are premature, as my old friend Patterson used to say.

And speaking of “penis pads”, here’s Reader favorite Rhian Sugden:

No more need be said.


    1. Ever since “light” beer came onto the market, I knew that we were all doomed. Subsequent events have just confirmed it.

  1. The Slavs may save western civilization again.

    First the pole Jan Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna, now all of the Slavs refusing the poison pill of massive Muslim immigration and the Russians properly sending child abusers to the Gulag.

  2. Britney Spears…eegads..

    To quote Chris Rock – Those are some public domain tiddies.

    Not much better than national geographic back in the day.

  3. Repeat? WTF??

    So what’s wrong with the idea of chucking child rapists live into a incinerator the first time?

  4. “Penis Pad”?
    I don’t know how to put this without sounding boastful, but in my salad days…

  5. Note that “beheadings” thing in the blurb about Kazakhstan.

    Does that tell you anything about who’s running this revolution?

  6. Why is it dangerous if We in the Right refuse to “date” woke women? It’s not as though they were going to reproduce anyway. So what if their DNA is flushed from the gene pool?

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