Getting Worried

Not me, for a change, but the Modernists certainly are.  Note the panic in this piece:

This time around, the traditionalist lunatics have succeeded in taking over the asylum. Reactionary ideas hostile to the cosmopolitan, to Modernism, to modernity itself, are in the ascendant. Tory placemen (and they are generally men) are being appointed to the boards of cultural institutions such as the British Museum and the BBC. The thoroughly middle-class National Trust is under attack as “woke” for exploring colonialism.

I am so pleased that our ideas so hostile to Modernism and all that Le Corbusierian ugliness are starting to alarm the Left.

I also love the fact that the author of this nonsense reveals his bias and prejudices so clearly, such as referring to respected philosopher Sir Roger Scruton as “tweedy” — tweed being the clothing fabric of the hated upper classes, don’t you know — and saying that we conservatives are the lunatics simply for wanting to keep and maintain our heritage (as opposed to “rebuilding better” every generation or so).  And gawd forbid that more men are becoming influential in the cultural wars…

Note too that this Lefty asshole is a “a member of the Mayor of London’s Diversity in the Public Realm Commission“.  Diversity in the public realm?

Never let it be forgotten that people of his ilk perpetrated crimes against the “public realm” such as the infamous Red Road housing units in Glasgow:

…which were recently demolished, to the relief of everyone including the residents.

A pox on Modernism and all its adherents.


  1. “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” — Gustav Mahler (whose music was its own kind of brutalism)

  2. My dear sir,

    I would tend to assume that, given your opinion, you have read FROM BAUHAUS TO OUR HOUSE, Tom Wolfe’s gutting of Modern Architecture. If you haven’t, I recommend you do so the next time you need a chortle.

  3. Loathe Bauhaus and the other Modernist shit piles blighting the world’s landscape. But compared to the other fuckery right now it seems like something that can be addressed later.

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