Quote Of The Day

From Heather Mac Donald:

So far, however, the most concrete fallout from the January 6 tantrum is not a “dagger at the throat of democracy,” as President Joe Biden put it in a speech from the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. There was no chance that that clownish crew of disorganized, deluded Trump acolytes would reverse the election outcome or permanently halt the vote certification. The real consequence of January 6 is rather the excuse that the riot gives the Left to go after conservative causes and conservative speech, all in the name of fighting an imaginary white-supremacist threat. And to ensure that the pretext remains vital, leaders from Biden on down are peddling distortions and unctuous, newly found patriotism.

Read the whole thing, for one of Heather’s normal, clear-eyed analyses.


  1. The Democrats lying is expected. It’s the treacherous dogs on the right that parrot the narrative that I’m interested in (I’m looking at you, Ted Cruz). Why do the Republicans keep electing these graduates of the Vidkun Quisling school of public service?

    1. Traitors are always more dangerous than open enemies. Pains me to say this about Cruz but I call them as I see them. See also Thune.

      Not impressed with her characterization of the J6 demonstrators.

    2. They change, reveal their criminal hearts, AFTER they’ve been elected. The whole establishment is criminal. It may take time but eventually is will fail under it’s own weight. The parasites are consuming themselves. The best any of us can do is stay out of it’s way as it stumbles.

  2. This is why it is so entirely apposite to liken the ‘Rat’s reaction to J6 to the Reichstag fire.

    Remember: the Nazis blamed that on the Communists.

    Somewhat symmetrical, eh?

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