1. Sadly, ammo is not in my retiree budget this year. But I will do my part and head off to the local gun shop to pick up cleaning supplies and stuff. We each do what we can.

  2. 100 rds each of 7.62x54r and 7.5×55 Swiss – Ammo Day is a timely reminder that I need the commercial brass.

  3. Did mine last month when palmetto arms had 200 rounds of 5.56 and 10 30 round mags for $200 but might get some more. Need to get some more ammo cans to hold overflow.

  4. Reloaded 103 rds of .45 acp, 200 gr Missouri SWC & Unique. Then 98 rds of .308, 168 Sierra Match Kings & Viht N 150.
    I’d buy some primers if I could find them at anywhere near a reasonable price, or even an unreasonable price with availability.

  5. Even though I stand, with every fiber of my being, against the godless commie metric system (invented by the farking french), I did indulge in buying 250 rnds of 9 mm and another 150 rnds of 5.56 green tip. Especially relevant seeing as how Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, we can expect even more shenanigans from the left.

    Plus I still have tons of reloading components that I need to put together. Maybe with the cooler weather, I can spend some time in the garage and do some crafting, man style. Thank God I bought primers right before the panic buying started and they became unobtainium.

    1. This raises another question. For Rioting Communists, what are good calibers for the expected ranges?
      5.56? 7.62 Soviet? .30 Carbine? A more full-house rifle caliber?

      1. Depends. At Rittenhouse range, anything that expels lead over 700fps and makes a loud bang will do.
        Past arm’s length out to ~200 yards, any of the ones you named will do nicely.

  6. Just bought 250 rounds of Federal 12 gauge target loads. Somewhat high price, but available. Have you fellows tried ammoseek.com for available ammunition? It seems to work well.

  7. 600 rounds of 124gr Norma 9mm euro pellet. I also encouraged friends to buy a bunch, too.

  8. Came up a little short, but 300 rounds of .22LR.
    Big gun rounds for my 7mm Rem Mag were from $2.40 to $4.60 per round.

  9. Unfortunately, my LGS has decided to be the mask police so I walked out. I will try to make up for it online.

  10. COVID contracts have been profitable, and I caught a sale at Primary Arms, so 500 of 9 and a case of 5.56.

    And Kim, may I suggest we merge Ammo Day into Rittenhouse Day? Buy a box of ammo and do something that makes your community better.

  11. Bought 1000 large pistol primers. First time I saw them available in months.

    Currently loading a boatload of .45 LC brass …

    1. Holy hell – where did you find pistol primers?

      I also load .45 LC with big old soft lead wadcutters. Way cheaper to roll your own, if the primers are available.

  12. A day late, but I accompanied my buddy to the Nation’s Gun Show today and coerced him into buying 300 rounds of .22LR and 150 rounds of .45ACP.

  13. 1K small pistol primers from Brownells (ordered a couple days early, sorry, you order primers when they’re available!)

    60 rounds of .45-70 hunting loads; all wally world had even if they didn’t limit sales to three boxes. This stuff is expensive even at walmart!

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