Quote Of The Day

From John Nolte, following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts:

“So now the question is, as it always is when Democrats don’t get what they want, how many Democrat-run cities will burn tonight at the hands of Democrats?”

From Kim du Toit, in response:

All of them, I hope.”

You pick which one you think deserves the appellation more.


  1. This was as clear a case of self-defence as any I’ve seen. But let’s not forget that despite having been acquitted he’s still lost over a year of his life to this case and it’s going to follow him forever; he should never have been prosecuted.

    1. Quentin,
      You’re absolutely right. However, he was charged and acquitted. This shows that our legal system has enough fail safes in place to work. I think the jury took so long to deliberate is for self protection. They can now say that they deliberated for several days on the matter and didn’t come to their decision lightly or quickly. I had thought they would have released the verdict either yesterday or today.

      This case also answers the question from gun prohibitionists in that we all know why anyone needs an AR semi-automatic rifle with a magazine capacity of 30 or more cartridges; we need these firearms to protect ourselves from the typically unhinged racist statist death cult when they riot, loot and commit crimes.

      I can’t believe that anyone is defending the criminal actions of a pedophile, felon and a domestic abuser.


      1. “I can’t believe that anyone is defending the criminal actions of a pedophile, felon and a domestic abuser.”

        Don’t look over in Quora, then, where Kevin Baker of Smallest Minority regularly spars with Trolls in the hopes of convincing someone who is undecided. The True Believers (as opposed to the believers in truth) are completely convinced of their own facts and laws.

  2. to answer the question about Democrat run cities, I really don’t care. They elected the Democrats with their insidious policies so they can reap what they sow. Hopefully this wakes up more people to move businesses and move out of cities since the racist Democrat death cult clearly will not protect people’s lives and their property. Turn these cities into more Detroit type shit holes.


  3. “All of them. Every last one from the shitholes to the relatively nice looking places. All of them.”

  4. I confess I’m a little disappointed there appears to have been no rioting in Kenosha last night. Then I dialed up the weather for those environs – low 30s with a chance of showers. Mother Nature is RAAACCCISSSSST! Trapped all those choirboys & girls in their mommas’ basements to consecrate their outrageously outrageous outrage via the sacrament of weed.

    Next up: Rittenhouse becomes a very wealthy young man, a la the Covington Catholic kid, as he sodomizes the various media outlets who’ve spent the last year defaming & lying about him. I hope he puts Uncle Joe & KamalaToe in the crosshairs as well.

    1. From your lips to God’s ear.
      It is morally indefensible for Ill-gotten gains to remain in the hands of the one who wrongfully took them from another.

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